Research Resources


11 September, 1973 - The Day Democracy Died in Chile-- summary of the military overthrow of the Allende democratic government by the dictator Pinochet (the political prequel to the events in Allende's novel Of Love and Shadows).

Isabel Allende: A Critical Companion--section of a scholarly book on Of Love and Shadows


The War of the Saints - Jorge Amado --book review.

Oya--helpful information on the Afro-Brazilian goddess Oya/Yansen.

Eshu, An Afro-Caribbean Divine Trickster--information on the divine trickster Eshu [Exu].


Rudolfo Anaya's The Man Who Could Fly and Other Stories --book review.


Interpreting Borderlands - The New Mestiza --helpful introduction.

Overlapping and Interlocking Frames for Humanities Literary Studies: Assia Djebar, Tsitsi Dangarembga, Gloria Anzaldúa --scholarly article.


White-washing oppression in Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale --scholarly article.


How Big is the Library of Babel? --here's a mathematical answer.

Symbols in The Circular Ruins --helpful commentary.

Borges: The Blind Visionary --a non-linear, post-modern article on "The Circular Ruins."

The Visualizing Capacity of Magical Realism: Objects and Expression in the Work of Jorge Luis Borges--scholarly article.

The Circular Ruins-- scholarly essay.

Aleph, Beatriz, Carlos Argentino --scholarly essay.

"The Aleph" by Jorge Luis Borges --scholarly essay.

The Library of Babel: The Dream of Cyberspace as a Universal Library-- intriguing article for all you "techies."

A Subaltern Horror --another interesting article on Borges' library and "real" libraries.


Monstrous Mothers and the Cult of the Virgin in Rosario Castellanos’ Oficio de tinieblas --scholarly article.

La Malinche as Palimpsest --Chapter One from a scholarly study on Malinche.


Marilyn Chin--excerpts from scholarly commentary on Chin's poetry.


Reading Notes on "Axolotl" --excerpt from a scholarly book-in-progress on Cortazar.

"Axolotl" by Julio Cortázar-- helpful study comments and questions. See the picture of an axolotl at the top of the page.


The History of Haiti--short helpful background.

We Are Ugly, But We Are Here-- important short essay by Danticat, exploring her ties to Haitian history.

Re-writing the Male Text: Mapping Cultural Spaces in Edwidge Danticat's Krik? Krak! and Jamaica Kincaid's A Small Place --scholarly article.

Landscape, Memory and Survival in the Fiction of Edwidge Danticat --scholarly article.

"My mouth is the keeper of both speech and silence…", or The Vocalisation of Silence in Caribbean Short Stories by Edwige Danticat --scholarly article.


"The Bear" William Faulkner --helpful introduction/overview of critical issues in "The Bear."

Avoiding Adjudication in William Faulkner's Go Down, Moses and Intruder in the Dust --scholarly article.

Bear, Man, and Black: Hunting the Hidden in Faulkner's Big Woods --scholarly article.

Go Down, Moses and Intruder in the Dust: From Negative to Positive Liberty --scholarly article.

Racial Wounding and the Aesthetics of the Middle Voice in Absalom, Absalom! and Go Down, Moses --scholarly article.

Waves of Time in Faulkner's Go Down, Moses --scholarly article.


Ferré, Rosario - Introduction--helpful general comments on Ferré's fiction and background.

From the Pen of . . .--short analysis of "The Youngest Doll."

The Youngest Doll by Rosario Ferré--review of Ferré's short story collection.


When Lies Become the Truth: Rewriting the Conquest of Mexico in Carlos Fuentes’s Novella, The Two Shores--scholarly article.

García Márquez

Gabriel García Márquez's 'A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings' --interesting alternative reading.

Gabriel García Márquez and Magical Realism --a different reading.


Redefining Identitites in Elena Garro's "La Culpa es de los Tlaxcaltecas"--chapter from a scholarly book.


Cultural life of Quebec --helpful background material.

Quebec History--helpful background material.

Quebec--helpful background information.

Jacques Godbout and the Quebec Writer: Engendering the National Text --scholarly article on gender and national identity.


Time-Out: (Slam)Dunking Photographic Realism in Thomas King's Medicine River --scholarly article (scroll down the page).

Beyond the Frame: Tom King's Narratives of Resistment --scholarly article (scroll down the page).


Family Ties: Introduction--scholarly introduction to Lispector's existentialist themes and to existentialism.

Family Ties--review of Lispector's collection of stories.

Created in our Image: The Miniature Body of the Doll as Subject and Object--section from a scholarly book; read the section on Lispector.

Magical Realism

Magic Realism: A Background Reading/Primer for Teachers . . .--very helpful history and extended definition; note in particular the section on "What techniques does Magic Realism use . . . . "


'The Heights of Macchu Picchu'– a Poem by Pablo Neruda --helpful background and a short guide to the 12 sections of the poem.

Machu Picchu Travel Guide--helpful information on this sacred Incan archaeological site in Peru.

Machu Picchu--40 awesome pictures of this important Incan archaeological site in Peru.

Walking Through Macchu Picchu with Whitman's Song in Mind --helpful comparisons with Walt Whitman's Song of Myself.

Pablo Neruda's "Ode to Conger Chowder"--commentary.


Placing Violence, Embodying Grace: Flannery O'Connor's "Displaced Person" --scholarly article.

No Place Like Home Virtue versus Necessity in Flannery O’Connor’s story "The Displaced Person"--scholarly article.


La Malinche as Palimpsest --Chapter One from a scholarly study on Malinche.


Quilombo: A Critical Review of a Brazilian Film --a critical evaluation of the film.


Dead Souls--interesting introduction.

The Ghosts of Comala: Haunted Meaning in Pedro Páramo --scholarly article.


'Colonial Girls School' by Olive Senior: An Appreciation --helpful commentary.

Sugar Cane Alley

Sugar Cane Alley--study questions and notes.

Sugar Cane Alley--movie review.


Walcott, Derek - Introduction--helpful introduction to Walcott's drama, themes, and techniques.

Ti-Jean--section of a scholarly book.

Caribbean Chronotopes: From Exile to Agency --scholarly article on Walcott and others.


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