Painting: 'La Belle Dame
        Sans Merci' by Sir Frank Dicksee

"La Belle Dame Sans Merci" by Sir Frank Dicksee

Arthurian Literature & Art

Part I: Celtic/Medieval

Part II: Victorian/Modern


Part I Celtic/Medieval Index


Arthurian Resources--General

Image of King Arthur from the Christian Heroes Tapestry

King Arthur from the Christian
Heroes Tapestry, c. 1385

Image: 'King of England 15th century armorial' (artist unknown)

King of England
15th century armorial
(artist unknown)

Celtic/Pagan Origins & Contexts

Image: 'Celtic Combat' (artist unknown)

Celtic Combat (artist unknown)

Image: 'Grail appears at the Round 
              Table' (artist unknown)

Grail appears at the Round
Table (artist unknown)

Chivalry and Courtly Love

Image: 'Courtly Love' (artist unknown)

Courtly Love (artist unknown)

More Gender/Sexuality Issues

Image: 'Tournament' (artist unknown)

Tournament (artist unknown)


Image: 'Ambros [Young Merlin] Prophesies to Vortigern' (artist unknown)

Ambros [Young Merlin] Prophesies to Vortigern, 15th century.
Learn more about various Arthurian dragons

"Alas for the Red Dragon, for its end is near. Its cavernous dens
shall be occupied by the White Dragon, which stands for the
Saxons which you have invited over. The Red Dragon represents
the people of Britain, who will be overrun by the White One."

Young Merlin's first prophecy, to King Vortigern
 (from Geoffrey of Monmouth)

Arthurian Texts/Authors


Geoffrey Chaucer

Image: 'Alisoun, the Wife of Bath, Ellesmere Manuscript' (artist unknown)

Alisoun, the Wife of Bath,
Ellesmere Manuscript

Chrétien de Troyes

Image: 'Sir Percival and two other knights with the Holy Grail' (artist unknown)

Sir Percival and two other
knights with the Holy Grail
(Percival manuscript, 1286)

Geoffrey of Monmouth

Image: 'Arthur and His Knights Riding' (artist unknown)

Arthur and His Knights Riding
(artist unknown)

The Mabinogi

Sir Thomas Malory

Image: 'Knights Arriving at a Castle' (artist unknown)

Knights Arriving at a Castle
(artist unknown)

Marie de France

Image: 'Tristram and Isolde' (artist unknown)

Tristram and Isolde (artist unknown)

Image: 'Lancelot' (artist unknown)

Lancelot (artist unknown)

Pa gur: Dialogue between Arthur and Glewlwyd Mighty-grasp

Preiddeu Annwn: "The Spoils of Annwn"

Image: 'The Green Knight Confronts Sir Gawain' (artist unknown)

The Green Knight Confronts
Sir Gawain (artist unknown)

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


Image: 'Knights Jousting' (artist unknown)

Knights Jousting
(artist unknown)

The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle


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