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Cultural Event Report 
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1. Factual description of the main features of the event (what the film or play was about, or what the poetry reading covered, etc.). This section should be detailed enough--about 250-300 words--to convince me that you actually attended the event. (NOTE: E-mail this form if your answer is longer than 30 lines.)

2. Special features/actors/scenes/poems that stood out or that you strongly liked or disliked.  Why?  Be specific--about 125-150 words. (NOTE:  E-mail this form if your answer is longer than 15 lines.)

3. Your overall reaction?  Quality?  Interest-level?  Would you recommend a friend go to it?  Why or why not?  Be specific--about 125-150 words.  (NOTE:  E-Mail this form if your answer is longer than 15 lines.)

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