International Novel 570: Images I--Tolstoy Film

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      Images I: Tolstoy Film

(See also Images II: Zola Novel)

Gustave Caillebotte, "Paris Street, Rainy Day," 1877.
See large image: Rainy Day.

The "modern" look in the 1870s: "Beginning in 1851, the government of Napoleon III transformed the old streets of Paris into a new system of grand boulevards. This painting abounds with evidence of the city’s rebuilding. Gustave Caillebotte selected a complex intersection near the Saint-Lazare train station for his subject, distorting the size of the buildings and the distance between them to create a wide-angle view that reflects the sweeping modernity of this capital city." (Quote from the Art Institute of Chicago.)

Claude Monet was so fascinated by the emblems of the modern industrial age--the trains, dark, powerful, slightly ominous but also exciting, dynamic, even almost mystical at times--that he painted the St. Lazare Railway Station in Paris eleven different times. Here are three of his St. Lazare Station paintings:

Claude Monet's "Arrival at St. Lazare Station," 1877.
See large image: St. Lazare Station

Claude Monet's "Saint-Lazare Station," 1877.
See large image: St. Lazare.

See also Monet's Arrival of Normandy Train, Gare Saint-Lazare, 1877.

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