Sharlea Skyfall

Female Grey Elf/Nymph Rogue:4/Wizard:8 - CR n/a; Medium-size humanoid (5 ft. 4 in. tall, weight 100lbs)

Stats: Str 13, Dex 22, Con 16, Int 22, Wis 14, Cha 22 (App:27)

HD: 4d6+8d4+36
INIT: +6
AL: Neutral Good
29 (+5 armor, +6 dodge, +6 charisma, +2 ring)
HP: 83
Spd: 30
SV: Fort +14, Ref +20, Will +17
BAB: +7/2

Atks: +14/+9  melee (1d6+2 crit 15-20x2 rapier)

Skills: Balance +10, Bluff +10, Concentration +13, Craft (armor) +6, Decipher Script +8, Diplomacy +13, Disable Device +9, Disguise +8, Escape Artist +12, Forgery +8, Gather Information +9, Heal +8, Hide +12, Knowledge (arcana) +16, Knowledge (history,  nobility /royalty) +10, Knowledge (undead) +11, Knowledge  (the planes) +7,  Knowledge (religion) +9, Listen +12, Move Silently +18, Open Lock +13, Perform (flute, dancing, harp, singing, stories) +14, Sleight of Hand +10, Read Lips +8, Ride (tiger) +14, Search +18, Sense Motive +9, Spellcraft +16, Spot +18, Swim +11, Tumble +14, Use Magical Device +12, Survival +6,
Bardic Knowledge +8

Class/Race Abilities: Scribe Scrolls, Uncanny Dodge, Evasion, Elven Sword, +2 vs Enchantments, Low Light Vision, Immunity (sleep effects), Sneak Attack (+2d6)

Feats: Weapon Finesse (rapier), Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Defensive, Improved Familiar, Weapon Finesse (rapier), Combat Casting, Dodge, Spell Mastery (deep slumber, inviso, mage armor, yoke of mercy, entice gift, shatter), Forge Ring

Special Attacks: Spells, Stunning Glance, Blinding Beauty,

Special Qualities: Blessing of Hanali (nymph traits), Damage Reduction 10/cold iron, Diminsion Door 1/day

Spells: Arcane (specialized: Enchantment, Opposed: Transmutation)

0: 4 -  all cantrips
1: 6 -  alarm, charm person, sleep, hypnotism, shield, obscuring mist, unseen servant, change self, silent image, identify, magic missile         
 nystuls magic aura, ray of enfeeblement, cause fear, mage armor, identify
2: 6 -  flaming sphere, protection from arrows, tasha's hideous laughter, melfs acid arrow, locate object, shatter, blur, invisibility,
 mirror image, yoke of mercy, scorching ray, entice gift, masochism
3: 5 -  Deep Slumber, Fireball, Dispel Magic, Protection from Energy, Major Image, Invisibility Sphere, Suggestion, Hold Person, Vamperic
4: 4 -

Weapons/Armor: Rapier (mastercrafted), Mithril Chain Shirt (magical +1), Dagger (magical +3, dancing)

Equipment: Ring of Water Walking, Satchel (thieves tools {MC}, chalk {4}, fishing line & fishhook {4}, flint & steel, whetstone, gold necklace w/2400sp, gold emerald earrings w/300 sp), Backpack (courtier outfit, travelers outfit), Smoke Stick, Scroll (silent image) Signet Ring (skyfall)

Languages: Elven, Merchants Tongue, Draconic, Goblinoid, Imperial Common


Description: Sharlea is a exquisite example of a grey elven woman (age: 107), only enhanced when her goddess gifted her, transforming her into the form of a nymph. With a slender yet curvy figure and sparkling violet eyes, and curly golden hair she is sure to drawn attention anywhere she goes with her heart stopping beauty,  one reason she goes hooded most the time any more.

History and Personality: Sharlea grew up one of the daughters of a cloth merchant.  Soon discovering a aptitude for spell craft along with her sister, her father worked hard to send them both  to a elven school of enchantment. Their father fell ill and died a year later, and  Sharlea & Sky  turned to shadowy night thieving to pay their school expenses, when a shadowy friend showed them the money to be made in thievery.