Ielenia Galanodel

(D20 Modern)

Female  Wood Elf Charismatic Hero: 7/Fast Hero:6 /Martial Artist:8 - CR n/a; Medium-size humanoid (5 ft. 6 in. tall, weight 118lbs)

Stats: Str 19, Dex 18, Con 24, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 23 (App: 23)

Profession: Celebrity
HD: 14d8+7d6+147      
INIT: +8 (Improved Initiative)
Chaotic Good
35 (+2 armor +2 deflection +4 dodge +3 nat. armor)
Divine Rank: 0
Fort +13, Ref +18, Will +10

Atks: +23/+18/+13 melee (1d10+1d6+6 crit:19-20x2 Elven Sword) or +18/+13/+8 melee (1d10+4 crit:19-20x3 unarmed strike) or  +20/+15/+10 ranged (1d10+1d6 crit: 20x3 pistol)

Skills: Balance +18, Bluff +11, Craft (visual arts) +3, Diplomacy +15, Disguise +11, Drive +9, Jump +7. Hide +8, Listen +10, Perform (dancing, acting) +21, , Search +8,  Sleight of Hand +8, Sense Motive +8, Spot +15, Sexual Prowess +12, Tumble +15

Feats: [Uncanny Dodge I & II], [Evasion], Dodge, Mobility, Combat Martial Arts, Improved  Combat Martial Arts, Advanced Combat Martial Arts, Defensive Martial Arts, Elusive Target, Unbalance Opponent, Improved Initiative, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Point Blank Shot, Double Tap, Renown, Weapon Focus (Elven Sword), Epic: Fast Healing (3)

Bonus background feats: Archaic Weapon Proficiency

Reputation: 10                                                                    Action points: 154

Special Attacks: Flurry of Blows, Flying Kick, Iron Fists, Living Weapon

Special Qualities: +2 vs Enchantments, Low Light Vision, Immunity (Sleep, Poison, Disease, Transmutation, Mind Effecting, Ability Drain, Ability Damage, Level Drain), Magical Tattoo - (Str+5), Damage Reduction 20/+2, Fast Healing 3, Spell Resistance: 16

Weapons & Armor: Elven Sword (katana) +4 (sonic, brilliant energy), Colt Python (.357magical +2 sonic), Choker of Natural Armor +3, 2 Daggers (silvered, mastercrafted), Ring of Protection +2 (emerald ivy holding a ruby rose).

Gear:  Leather Jacket (magical +1 comfort & resistance +1), Ivory Comb & Brush set

Wealth Bonus: 99                                                              Languages: Elven, Common

Description: Ielenia is a beautiful young (120 age) elf, with flowing long purplish/red hair, large emerald green eyes.  Her form is shapely & lithe, yet with well toned muscles (due to her extensive training with Dancing).  She tends to dress alluring with silk and satin, and seems to have no  modesty as she feels as comfortable naked as clothed.  On her right thigh is a tattoo of a small bull and tiger struggling.

History and Personality: After the Chaos war the gods spent a lot of their time rebuilding... Ielenia chafed under the strictures of godhood and moped in the heavens for quite awhile never really taking her duties very seriously.  Finally the gods time had past and people where looking towards technology to see to the future.  The gods all but the creator where thrown out of the heavens to live among mortal kind as they would.  Ielenia was thrilled and marveled in modern society.  She found a natural niche in movies, not only for her stunning looks but her incredible martial skills.  She quickly rose to be one of the premier action hero's (and lack of modesty certainly helped her gain fans).