Lady Celine Sveltin of clan Verrack

Female  Human (elven bloodline) Magus (blade bonded):3 - CR 3; Medium-size humanoid
Height: 5 ft. 8 in                                 Hair: Red (use to be brown)
Weight: 128 lbs                                  Eyes: Blue

Stats: Str 16, Dex 15, Con 16, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 18, App: 20

HD: 3d8+9(con)+3(bonus)
Init: +2 (+2 Dex)
AL: Neutral Good
18 (+2 dodge, +4 mage armor, +2 deflection)
HP: 33
Spd: 30
SV: Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +3

Atks: +6 melee (1d8+4 crit 18-20x2 Black Blade) or +5 ranged (1d10/crit 19-20x2 Heavy Crossbow)

CMD: +5  CMB: 17

Skills: Acrobatics +3, Bluff +5, Craft (Sword) +8 Craft (Calligraphy) +9, Athatal Salka (Wis) +3, Diplomacy +4, Handle Animal +6, Heal +0, Intimidate +10, Knowledge (arcana, dungeoneering) +10, Knowledge (nature) +5. Knowledge (planes) +8, Perception +5, Perform (dancing) +4, Ride (horse) +6, Spellcraft +10, Swim +7, Use Magical Device +8

Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Extra Arcana

Reputation: Fame - 2  Infamy - 0

Bonus background feats: Sorcerer Bloodline (Elemental: Fire)

Special Attacks: Fire Blast (7/day, 2d6 line damage, reflex 15), Black Blade Strike (+1 dmg)

Special Qualities: Low Light Vision,+2 vs Enchantments, Arcana Pool: 5, Major Arcana (Black Blade, Spell Shield), Fire Mastery, Resistance Fire: 5

Weapons & Armor: Black Blade (Katana) +1 (Intelligent: Ego 5, Intelligence 12, Wisdom 8, Charisma 8, Arcana Pool: 2), Dagger, Pendant (mage armor spell 1/day), Heavy Crossbow (Masterwork), 20 Bolts, Silver Bracelet (runes, magic +2 deflection AC, +2 will vs enchantments)

Gear: Silk Sash, Ornate Sword Belt (Alarm spell 1/day), Earring (topaz/silver, Endure Elements 1/day), Earring (Black Opal/Silver), Silk Dress (black, fine), Cloak (black, fine), Thunderstones (2), Sunrods (5), Acid vials (3), Alchemists Fire (2), Smoke Stick (2),

Languages: Idrian, Elven, Kilsian, Goblin, Dwarven

Spells: Level 0 (4): Ray of Frost, Detect Magic, Arcane Mark, Read Magic
           Level 1 (5): Vanish, Shocking Grasp, Ray of Enfeeblement, WindScape, Frostbite
           Elemental Bloodline: Burning Hands, Produce Flame


Description: Celine was heralded the most beautiful woman of her age, She had long brown hair (woman of station wear their hair a certain length based on their families power) that shifted to a red after a magical trial.  Her blue eyes are intense, showing her elven blood.  She has the slender body of the elves and their deceptive strength.  If one looks closely its easy enough to spot the elven blood in her, but to most she looks like, well a Verrack Clan member. She often wears black as a magus of the Black Tower, and more often than not is wearing silk dress with traveling boots and a silk sash in blue and a cloak in of course black.

History and Personality:


The Trial of Living Flame