Gwendolyn Lhocwood

Female Human Sorcerer:8 - CR n/a; medium-size humanoid (5 ft. 5 in. tall, weight 124lbs)

Stats: Str 8, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 18 (App: 19)

HD 8d4+16
Init: +4
AL: Chaotic Good
AC: 20 
HP: 57
Spd: 30
SV: Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +6
BAB: 4

Armor Class: 4 Dodge, 4 Defelection, 2 Armor

Atks +4 melee (1d4/crit 19-20/x2 dagger) or +8 ranged (1d8/crit 19-20x2 light crossbow)

Skills: Alchemy +7, Bluff +6, Concentration +12, Heal +2, Hide +6, Knowledge (Arcana) +13, knowledge (history) +11, Listen +6, Move Silently +8, Perform (Dance) +5, Profession (Barmaid) +3, Search +5, Spellcraft +11, Spot +3

Feats: Dodge, Point Blank, Still Spell, Craft Wand, Linked Twin

Reputation: Fame - 0  Infamy - 0

Special Attacks: Spells

Special Qualities:

 Spells: Arcane
 0: 6 - Ghost Sounds, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Mending
 1: 14 - Charm Person, Sleep, Unhand, Magic Missile, Enlarge, Reduce, Spellbind
 2: 7 -  Vivid Discharge, Inviso, Bears Endurance, Knock
 3: 6 -  Dragons Breath, Alikaha's  Theft
 4: 4 -  Stoneskin 

Weapons & Armor: Rapier (mastercrafted), Dagger (silvered Adamantine), Light Crossbow, 10 Bolts (magical +1), Rune Wand of Lighting (8d8 lighting bolt 1/day), Staff of Walls (30ch's), Scrollsx3  (Lighting Bolt), Fire Opal Bracelet (Firestorm 16d6 1/week)

Gear: , Satchel (chalk (3), fishooks & lines, flint & steel, mirror small steel, comb & brush set, book spell theory, wand of hold person 45ch) Belt Pouch (sewing needle, soap, potion of alter self), Fine Travelers Cloths (2), Courtiers Outfit, Fine Cloak, Silver Necklace, Silver Earrings, Waterskin, Wand of Kock (34 ch's), Wand of Detect Magic (43 ch's), Wand of Stinking Cloud (6 ch's), Ring of Sorcery (1st level), Periapt of Wound Closure, Gold Orb of Spell Storing, Bag of Holding (type 1)

Languages: Common, Chondathan, Halfling, Dwarven, Draconic

Wealth: 177 pp, 1925 gp, 1925 sp, 294 cp

Description: Gwen is a very pretty young girl (age 16) with flowing red gold hair, hazel eyes, and a lithe figure. Originally a barmaid she dressed in cotton blouses and skirts, but since being taken as a apprentice (and his lover) to the Lord Mayor Geildarr she has been dressing in fine gowns of silk and satin.  She also wears more jewelry than before.

History and Personality: Gwen escaped her village before goblins and demons descended on it destroying it. But while there she worked as a barmaid in her fathers Inn, and helped cover the escapades of her twin brother Glenn (they where notorious pranksters).  They traveled to near exhaustion to the near by city of Llorkh where the lord mayor Geildarr (CE male human Wiz7/Dev 3 of Cyric) took interest in their unique link.  After tricking the naive Gwen into drinking a love potion he has proceeded to take her as his apprectice and his lover.  Though Gwen is aware of some of his more unsavory commands she chooses to ignore his dark side, deciding she can help him.  Geildarr enjoys her naive innocence, and uses that to his advantage in keeping her ignorant of his true aims.

I would highly recommend looking over his site, some wonderful images.