The Day-Walker

A Character Race Template for D&D3.5e


Hit Dice: Increase base hit die by 1 (d6=d8, d10=d12, etc...)
as base creature
as  base creature
Armor Class:
Natural armor +3
Attacks: Bite
as base creature
Special Attacks:
Blood Drain 1d4 con drain (after successful bite)
Special Qualities:
Fast Heal 2, Blood Rage, Damage Reduction 5/silver, Resistance: 5 (cold, electricity), Dark Vision 60', Scent (blood tracking), Light Blindness, Fire Weakness, Hard Heal
+3 will saves (vs mind influencing, phantasms, charms, compulsions, patterns, morale effects)
+3 str, +3 dex, -1 con, -1 chr
as base creature

Climate/Terrain: Any
Challenge Rating: +2 CR or +2 ECL
Treasure: as base creature
no lawful alignments
Advancement: as base creature

Damage Reduction: The Day walkers damage reduction can be bypassed if the ones attacking him have a silver weapon

Blood Drain: The Day Walker can drain 1d4 temporary constitution from any victim they have successfully grappled (Still requires a attack roll to bite)

Fast Heal: The Day Walker can heal 2 hp a round as long as their HP total is above 1

Blood Rage: The first time a Day Walker is damaged in combat, he must make a will save (DC=dmg taken) or go into a rage (Same abilities as a barbarians rage) and will attempt to drain the life from any severely wounded victim or attack if no victim is near.  (Friend or foe, though they will choose foe over a friend) this can be resisted on a second will save DC=20

Blood Scent: The Day Walker may track as per the track feat if their quarry has bled at all, or gain a +8 to tracking if the day walker already has the track feat

Light Blindness: Abrupt Exposure to bright light (such as a sunlight or daylight spell) will blind the Day Walker for one round. In addition they suffer a -2 penalty to attack, save, skill check rolls while in sunlight (This ability may not be bought off in anyway it's a permanent weakness)

Sustenance: The Day Walker exists on 1/2 the food needed for a regular creature of it's type. But it needs to drink at least 1/2 it's level in blood each week or their Blood Rage DC goes up by 5 for each week they do not (Both saves get increased)

Fire Weakness: The Day Walker takes a extra 2 hp damage for every dice in a fire based attack (5d6+10, 3d6+6, etc...)

Ageing: A day Walker ages 1 year for every 3 years that pass

Staking: A stake through the heart (Requiring a called shot roll at -10) incapacitates the Day Walker until the stake is removed.

Hard Heal: Being made up of both negative and positive energy, healing can be tricky.  As such both inflict wound spells and cure wounds spells will heal a Day walker, but the final total must be halved then applied (3d8+3=27 - 13 points of actual healing, rounding down)
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