U.S.S. Menxsis II

The Prowler 600 class starship traveled swiftly for a ship its size and tonnage and the Menxsis II was no exception. In only days the crew of the Prowler would be at the meeting point, where they will meet up with the Striker. Then onward out of thissector to a new one federation sensors picked up.

"Captain Mauken" Jennifer Hars the communicator/science officer says.

"Yes, what is it." Captain Mauken says as he comes down off his command chair.

"We got a bogey on our tail." Jennifer says.

"What configuration is it, does it have weapons, what classis it?" Captain Mauken asks.

" No know configuration or class, scan does say it has medium weaponry." Jennifer says.

" Go to battle alert one." Captain Mauken says.

" Captain the ship is firing, but at that range it can't help but miss. Jennifer says.

" That shot is coming right at us, activate deflector shield now." Captain Mauken orders. The ship lurches as the shot strikes home. A emergency alert that signifies a breached hull. Blast doors leading to that area close immediately, sealing it off.

"Captain, I'm registering a life form at the breach. Can't get a fix on what it is though." Jennifer says.

"Send Londen, and Laciteden to check it out. Tell them to arm up." the Captain says

" Yes sir." Jennifer says, then speaks into the intercom. "Lac, Londen, check out the breach in the hull, take weapons"

"Gotcha Jen, we'll head down there right away, and just in case we don't come back, love you." Londen says through the intercom.

"Yeah sure, just get down there its probably a malfunction." Jennifer says.

        Londen and Laciteden got their side arm's, and moved through the differant levels of the ship. They come to a blast door at the breached area, Laciteden types in the security code for the door and it slides open. They both know that the breach has been sealed up. That is so the repair crew can repair it from inside the ship. Right now there is no repair crew just a creature that is not quite human. It turns and looks at them, they gasp because of its looks. The creature launches itself at Laciteden grabbing him so fast that he doesn't know what hit him. Londen reacts instantly, he comes to bear on the creature and opens up with his weapon. The shots hit the creature, but just seem to disappear. The creature launches forth a spiked tongue from its mouth, punctures lac's head, Then to Londens horror starts sucking something out. Londen his held in a trance of horror, then breaks out and runs down the hall. As Londen runs down the corridor he pulls out his communicator and contacts the bridge.

        " Bridge this is Londen I'm running from that thing, it killed lac and is coming after me. It does not seem to notice the blasts, the shots just disappeared into the thing. I'm headed for the lift. Seal all doors behind me." Londen closes his communicator and enters the lift heading for the bridge.

        Londen starts to relax when a clawed hand crashes through the bottom of the floor. londen screams and lets loose with his laser on the hand. The doors to the lift open as Londen presses the stop button. he runs out of the lift. Looking back he sees the thing pulling itself up trough the floor. Londen pulls out his communicator and yells into it.

"Bridge, secure all doors to lift four." He watches the creature get out of the floor just as the doors close and a blast door comes down. Londen rushes to another lift, and continues on to the bridge. When he gets there he rushes in asking where it is now

" Calm yourself Londen, its still in the lift." Captain Mauken orders Londen.

" How am I to be calm when that thing killed Lac and almost me." Londen demands.

" Sir, the creature has disappeared from my sensors." Jennifer says.

" Run a full system check on the computers and see if it's a malfunction." captian says

" Your straying from the path captain." Londen says.

" Captain I've run a full check nothings wrong." Sara says.

" Then try to find it again, now as to you Londen, we sympathize with you, but we have more important things to do. "Captain Mauken says. " Jennifer tell Grallen to take two security men and find that thing, tell them to take a.k.'s"

" Yes sir, but I think we should heed Londens report about how his laser had no effect on the thing." Jennifer says.

" I will run this ship Lietenant Jennifer Hars, not you. The a.k.'s are much stronger than the lasers, and Londens laser may have effected it in some way we don't understand. Now obey my order." Captian Mauken demands.

" Yes sir, but I still think this is a waste of time. Londen's reports have always been accurate before." Jennifer says.

" Thanks Jen, I owe you one." Londen says.

" One, I think you owe me a few more than that ." Jen says.

"enough chat, Jennifer your faith is nice but I don't care about that." Captian Mauken says.

" Grallen, this is Jennifer. Take two officers and see if you can find that thing. Take A.K.'s with you." Jen says.


                                                                    CHAPTER 2

" Do you see it any where." Grallan asked as he walked down the hall.

" No, I dont't even see a sign of it, but I can sure feel it." The officer answers.

        The second officer says " It looks like it's not on this level." They decide to check the next level of the ship, but when they approach the lift, a howl unlike any thing they have heard before. From around the corner comes the creature Londen had described. The creatures teeth where dripping blood, and its claws had bits of flesh in them. The thing charges strait at Grallans company. Grallan yells " Watch out!" and opens up with his A.K. on the creature. The officers, both in a panic fire there weapons wildly. Amazingly enough they actually hit something. The officers finally come out of there panic, They realize they wasted their entire clip of energy. One of the officers pulls out a extra and pops it in, he then starts towards the fallen creature. Grallan orders the officer to be careful. The officer looks down at the creature, and is shocked to find no wounds. Before any one can do anything the thing grabs the officer, and throws him hard against the wall of the ship.

        Grallan grabs the second officers arm and drags him into the lift. They hear a tremendous pounding on the door but they are already on their way up. While on the bridge of the Menxsis II , Captain Mauken restlessly paces the bridge. He seems really on the edge of his seat. The bridge door opens and Officer Grallen comes in. Grallen looks around the the bridge to each crew member. His eyes rest on Jennifer for a little longer than necessary,  then Grallen then proceeds to the captain.

"Captian, that creature is not effected by our weapons" Grallen says.

"Thank you Grallen, I want a full report in my hands by tomorrow." Captain Mauken says.

        Grallen looks around again even though most of the bridge crew ignores him. Grallens eyes come to rest on Jennifer once more, he likes Jennifer a lot, but not in the way most men like her. His eyes caress the way her uniform is tight over her full, and firm breasts. He likes her extremely slim waist. She has very beautiful tanned legs. Her uniforms tight skirt only reaches just above her knees which is why he has such a lovely view of her legs. Grallen sighs, he would love to get Jennifer alone for just a while so he could do what he's come to fantasize about. Grallen thinks that Jennifer has the prettiest hair he has ever seen, it is a lovely light auburn color. Her face is delicate, she has high cheek bones, which sets off her emerald eyes. Her lips have a lovely heart shape. Grallen quickly comes to his senses when he hears the red alert sound. He sees Captain Mauken quickly start sending out orders. Grallen enters the turbo lift and leaves, he heads for his own battle station.

" Sara, please give me a visual" Captain Mauken orders.

" Sir, the ship seems to have some kind of cloaking device. It barely shows up on our sensors." Sara replies.

" The minute you get a lock, notify me. Keep the deflector shields up." Captain Mauken asks.

" Captain, the ship has come out of cloaking, its a techarian battle cruiser!" Sara yells

" Sara, go to battle alert two, all weapons come to bear, fighters on alert." Captain Mauken orders.

" Captain, the techs are trying to call us." Jennifer informs Mauken, sounding very puzzled. " they have never tried to contact anybody before!".

" Jen, put the communication up on the screen." Mauken orders.

" U.S.S. Menxsis II, this is the T.S.S. Reselcici. We haved scanned that you have a Quartun beast on board. We ask if you need our assistance in destroying this beast?" The Techarian  captian asks.

" I don't believe this. The Techarians offering  something, this is a first." Mauken says in wonderment. "Techarians, I would greatly apperciate your help. This beast has been killing off my crew."

" Captian, prepare your transporter for us, we will be over promptly. We hate Quartun beasts to the heart, and will destroy one no matter what the cost." the tech. captain states.

" I have a very bad feeling about this, Jennifer come to the transporter room with me." Captain Mauken says.

        " Yes sir." Jennifer says, as she elegantly gets up out of her chair. Mauken has always been amazed with Jennifer, her calm and self assurance. In any situation she is calm, so calm that her face never anything  that her face never anything but self assurance. Jennifer is the kind of woman most men would fear, but often her beauty makes up for that in the eyes of most men. The Federation, for many years has been trying to get her to enter the Miss. Galaxy contest under the federations name, but she always refuses. Jennifer comes up to Mauken, and notices him studying her.

"Captain, we need to get to the transporter room." she states crisply.

        Mauken comes out of his memory lane, and quickly steps into the turbo lift. He knows he was practically staring down Jennifer's throat. That makes him very worried that beauty could make him forget himself so easily. In the transporter room, everybody's tense. This will be their real look at a techarian. When the captain arrives with Officer Hars their tension visibly lessons. On a signal from the captain the transporter officer energizes the transporter.  The creatures that appear are humanoid, but with what looks like leathery skin, Their eyes are yellowish in color with heavy eyelids. Their bodies are lean and muscular. Each Techarian carries a weapon unknown to all of the people present.

" Captain Mauken, I am Captain Quadrow of the ship T.S.S. Reselcici, I greet you in formal friendship." The Techarian captain says, with a quick military salute.

" Captain Quadrow I gladly receive you aboard my ship." Captain Mauken says, with a military salute of his own.

" I do think we have pressing business, but in light of our first meeting I will introduce my crew. On my right is lieutenant Cral, Science and communications, on my left Sergeant Ghar security chief." The captain says.

" I to would like to introduce my officer here with me at the time, This is Lieutenant Jennifer Hars, our communications/science officer. I regret to say though that most of my officers are still on the bridge." Mauken says.

" This is a female of your species, most pleasing to the eye." Quadrow says admiringly.

" Thank you for your compliment Capitan Quadrow." Jennifer says.

" I do think we need to get on the trail of this thing." Mauken says.

" An excellent idea, after we destroy this creature I will have more time to study this female." Quadrow states.

Jennifer is awful suspicious of this fellow, Quadrow, she did not like his comment about studying her more carefully later. she watches him suspicously as they walk out of the transporter room. Yes, she would watch him very closely.

                                                CHAPTER 3                            

        Jennifer followed the techarians and her own people up and down through out the ship, stopping only to pick up some weapons. Jennifer picked up her grandpa's old .45 colt. She inherited it from her father when he died aboard the I.S.S. Menxsis. She has kept it in perfect condition. She thought that if energy weapons aren't effective then maybe her old projectile weapon, which uses kinetic energy instead of laser energy, might have more effect on the creature than lasers. The Techarians had looked at her strongly when she had brought out her 45, almost like they thought she knew the answer. On deck 34, corridor E they found several dead bodies. All of them where mutilated almost beyond recognition.

" Captain Mauken, I should tell you that the Quartun beast gets stronger and smarter the more victims it eats. Do you know how many victims it has claimed?" Captain Quadrow asks.

" At this time I personally know of 12, but there could be as many as 20 more." Mauken replies.

" If he already eaten 12 then he will have the intelligence of a nine year old kid in your years. If he has eaten 32 then he would have the smarts of a 18 year old in your years." Captain Quadrow.

" Then lets find this creature quick." Mauken replies.

        After hours Jennifer is absolutely exhuasted from going from deck to deck. They have found only very a signs of the beast. Then it happened, They where down on one of the lower decks when one of the techarians cried out in pain. Jennifer immediately came around and brought her gun to bear on the beast on the techarians back.

" Officer Hars, get out of the way, your weapon is ineffective against this creature." Captain Quadrow yells.

        Jennifer ignores the techarian and fires her weapon at the beast. To her surprise the creature is thrown back agianst the wall, a howl of pain is heard. The creature jumps straight up and disappears into the darkness.

" I don't understand your weapon should not have effected the creature." Quadrow says.

" Well, it did. Now aren't you glad I fired at it." Jennifer says.

" Officer Hars, you will shut that pretty mouth of yours or be thrown in the brig for in subornation." Mauken says angrily.

" But what did I do wrong, captain?" Jennifer asks.

" You disobeyed a order of a superior officer." Mauken answers.

" He is not my superior officer, he is not even of this military." Jennifer answers.

" You little bitch, you would disobey me. I think ----- "  Captain Mauken starts.

" This is getting us no wear. What's done is done, I sure she won't do it again, will you?" Captain Quadrow asks.

        Jennifer felt very strange as the techarians eyes settled on her. She wanted to please him so much all of a sudden, and if this would make him happy, she should do it. Jennifer realizes that she is under some kind of spell, but is unable to resist. The small group moves on down the hall after checking on the wounded techarian and sending him to sickbay. Jennifer watches the techarian captain very carefully.

" Captain Mauken, this is getting to be a serious problem" Captain Quadrow says.

" Well I don't know what I can do about it." Captain Mauken answers.

" I can only see one recourse, we must destroy your ship." Captain Quadrow exclaims.

" But, captain you can't just destroy the ship, what will my crew do?" Mauken asks.

" I afraid your crew will have to stay on board the ship. I must make sure the beast does not escape on any shuttle or life boat." Quadrow explains.

" but, you can't just destroy us, we should at least get a -------." Mauken starts to say when the techarian captain interrupts him.

" Reselcici, this is Captain Quadrow, three to go back, energize transporter." The captain and his two officers disappear.

Captain Mauken just stands there for a minute. Jennifer Quickly taps his shoulder. " Captain we need to get to the bridge quickly."

" Uh, yeh hurry lets go." Mauken turns and dashes to the express elevator." To bridge, fastest speed possible."

        They enter the bridge and Mauken calls for red alert, and to activate deflector shields. The bridge crew is quick to comply. Just then a shot rocks the ship. The deflectors hold.

" Officer Retlic, give me laser lock on." Mauken orders.

" Sir, I have lock on." Retlic asks.

" Yes, fire a full spread. Then arm anti-matter torpedoes." Mauken orders.

        The ship fires at the Techarian ship not far away. The red shots fire out in a stream, hitting various spots on the enemy ship, but the shots are deflected off the enemies shields. A greenish beam fires at the Menxsis II, again hitting the shields, the shields weaken considerably.

" Retlic, fire all torpedoes at enemies engines." Mauken orders.

        Three Reddish streaks fire from the bottom of the saucer section, heading straight for the enemies engines. The first shots are deflected, but the third penetrates and there is a large explosion. The enemy ship is blown to the side and continues in that course coming around for another shot.

" Sara, get us out of here. Warp 6." Mauken orders.

        Just as the techarians come around to fire. The Prowler 600 engines rev up and the ship streaks away in a burst of color. The Techarian ship sits their for a moment then turns the direction that the prowler took and streaks off.

" Jennifer, any damage to the ship." Mauken looks towards the science station with a questioning look on his face.

" Major damage to the deflector shield generator, other than that nothing." Jennifer says without looking up.

" Sara, change course to space station Omnicron. Jennifer inform the Striker that we are headed to the space station for repairs, also tell then of the Techs." Mauken orders.

" Captain, a report that one of the spare transporters was used just after the Techs left. It registered a non-human life form. I think our beast beamed itself a board the Techarian ship." Jennifer says looking at Mauken.

" Excellent, two problems solved in one day, estimated time of arrival at Omnicron?" Mauken turns towards Sara.

" Six hours until arrival at Omnicron, sir."Sara states.

" Jennifer in light of your splendid job, I'm going to let you off on your charges. You may also have this six hours as leisure, and that is an order." Mauken orders, looking at Jennifer.

" If you order it sir. I will see all you guys in six hours." Jennifer gets up and heads to the express elevator the doors close behind her.

" I've been on duty longer than her sir, why didn't I get a brake?" Sara asks Mauken.

" You didn't have a alien saying that he would be examining you later either. Hell, I'd feel unnerved if an Techarian was said that to me." Mauken says.

" Oh, I see what you mean. I wouldn't feel to good after that either." Sara says, turning back to the main viewer.

        Jennifer walks down the corridor to her room, she wonders how she would have react if that Techarian had followed through on what he had said. Being examined by one of those scaly creatures is not her idea of a nice time. Well their are probably worse things in life, although she is having trouble thinking of them at the moment. The door to her room opens and she goes in. Her room is most likely the most unusual room on board ship. Her walls are covered with strange items that she has collected through out the Federation. She has a large collection of old movies. One wall has a book shelf with a large collection of books both from earth and other planets, even though all books have been transferred to data disk. She collects old things with a passion. On another wall she has old weapons hanging up including, a Calvary sword, flintlock pistols, her 45' automatic, a spear, whip, flintlock rifle, cat of nine tails, and a knights sword. Jennifer walks over to her desk and brings up the newest novel she was reading. For some reason she feels very nervous. She can't explain it. Without realizing it she falls asleep at her desk.

        She is rudely awakened when her communicator goes off. "Jennifer report to duty station pronto, arrival at Omnicron in five minutes". Jennifer jumps up and responds immediately.  "I'll be there right away sir." finally realizing that it was Maukens voice on the communicator.  She stands up and brushes her uniform off, getting the wrinkles out then rushes to the bridge.  Jennifer enters the bridge just as the ship comes out of warp. She rushes to her station and scans the area. Coming up with nothing but the standard stuff, she sits back and enjoys the view, but making sure she keeps one eye on her instruments.

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