Some Pictures are quite large so be forewarned

These are some of the pics from a Vampire game that ran over 7 years on IRC (a good part of those was on Undernet).  The channel was #Elysian _di_Vampyres, and I (mignon laudomia), Rhia (aislinna laudomia) and Or (he left early on) where the founders of the channel with long time contributors such as Brian (drakon, aislinna's husband) and Chrissy (talitania laudomia) and Gina (Mina) helping us.  We attracted many people from all over the blooming vampire IRC scene.  The channel had much of a family feel for the players and though we had our share of people who left, we hardly ever lacked for new players.  I miss the channel greatly and am sorry I left the last 2 years it was still running.  I've spoken to Gina and Rhia since then but none of the others.  Mignon was the vampire trying to bring the others into the modern age (with a taste for Brujah) and served as Primogen of Ventrue clan, also Seneschal, and finally Prince of Nice, France.  The City of Elysian was completely made up and placed somewhere near the French Riviera.  It was a game filled with history and politics, not to mention backstabbing and treachery. (Just as any Vtm game should be) This is a Ode to #Elysian_Di_Vampyres, one of the best and greatest vampire channels to ever run on IRC.