The Lands of Babylon

The Kingdom of Arcadia (Kingdom of Death)

            Arcadia is a land of free trading.  Most races  are welcome  and encouraged to trade, but recently the coming of the Shadowlords on it's southern borders has led to fear of strangers.  The lands there wither and die, farmers live in fear, and the Triumvirate always has to worry about the Empire to the north, though relations have been good with them for years.  Already the Empires emissaries comment on how they could help the Triumvirate out with the problem to the south.  So far the Triumvirate has resisted and has called for adventures to help discover who and what these loathsome Shadowlords are.  The Dark Holds being established are dark and fearsome structures that make all who see them tremble in fear.  Leading to the establishment of Faith Holds along the contested lines.

Arcadia boasts a huge merchant fleet that sails all of the known Babylon lands.  They are challenged  for masters of the waves only by the Elves whose fleets rival that of arcadia's (though the elves military fleet is much larger) and the enigmatic Giants stone ships sail much of the lands as well.  Every sea port sports a few of Arcadia's merchant ships even in the Draconic Lands, who guarantee the ships safety for privileges of using the fleet to help export products. (Arcadia and The Dragon Lords hashed out a truce at the urging of the Empire who uses the Dragon Lords orc mercenaries)  Arcadia also has the exclusive trade with the Eastern continent, who's rare silks and spices are much in demand all over.

Former Rulers - The Triumvirate

1: House Retlic
2: House Ravenwing
3: House Tane

The 3 most powerful merchant houses of Arcadia form the ruling council of the land.



Recently the land was overrun from the south by legions of undead, Led by some force known only as the Lich Lord (presumed to work for the Shadow Lords).  It's rumored that a large city that floated in the sky moved behind the forces and a eerie pulsing  reddish pink light emanated from a tower in the city.  Do to the heroic efforts of Eric Meadowlark, Ielenia Moonwhisper, Harry the Ogre, Rhiannon Locke, & and several unidentified but extremely powerful sorcerers (Some say they where Dragon Lords, but surely that's false!),  they managed to actually move 85% of the population to other lands.  Now other than the few Faith Holds in arcadia, the land is overrun by the dead and their evil lord who city floats above the land.  Several factions that hate undead are already marshaling their people to send forth crusades to cleanse this once fair land,  The fleet of arcadia has sought home ports around the globe and the docks of the capitol are eerily silent after more than a millennia of trading.


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