Mission: Take & Hold
Rules: Reserves
Special: none

Night Lords army of Khorne (1000 pts)

Exalted Champ w/Axe of khorne,spikey bits,plasam pistol,jumppack

9 Bezerkers w/2 plasma pistols
1 Aspiring Champ w/power fist,spikey bitz,bolt pistol
1 Rhino

5 Bezerkers w/plasma pistol
1 Aspiring Champ w/axe of Khorne,spikey bitz, bolt pistol

9 Chaos Marines w/autocannon,plasma rifle
1 Aspireing Champ w/powerfist,bolt pistol
1 Rhino

Dreadnought w/linked Autocannon

Predator w/autocannon, 2 H,bolters

6 man Bloodletter pack


Was against UltraMarines

force commander w/iron halo,powerweapon,jumppack.

10 man assault squad w/2 plasma
1 vet sergeant w/ powerweapon,pistol

5 man dev squad w/ 2 plasma cans,lascannon,H.Bolter

10 man Tactical squad w/meltagun

6 man Sniper Scouts. w/H.Bolter

deardnought w/linked lascannons,missilelauncher


The objective was a old Building where a scout had died with data plans of the Khorne advance. The Ultra Marines managed to get their Tactical squad, Scout squad, and Dev Squad to the building first and found the disk but decoding it would take time. As the tactical sergeant looked out he saw a host of Khorne approaching fast. Radioing back to his commander he was told to hold firm.

Lord Cannius led his mighty host of Khorne onto the field where the mortally wounded scout was last seen. He had to retrieve those plans before the attack could continue. If not it was likely the enemy would know his plans and the Ultramarines would warn the Space Wolves on the flank of the coming attack. He deployed widely along the edge of the field with his dreadnought in the middle with himself near the back of the predator the 5man bezerkers on the left flank of the dread and the predator hidden partially behind a building to stop most attacks on it with the Bezerker rhino near to rush out. Far the the right flank he stuck his stalwart night lord marines with their rhino to come up in a sweeping manauver.


Round 1

Chaos Moves all out with the bezerker rhino rushing behind some trees to stop LOS. The Dreadnought stalks towards some critically exposed Scouts. The Night Lord marine Rhino moves up behind some more trees. The 5man bezerkers ran forward in the open to bravely draw fire from the vehicles. The dread lets loose on the scouts with it's Autocannon killing 3 of them. the predator manages to wipe out 2 of the dev sqaud in the building.

Ultra Marines gritted their teeth and held firm, the dev's opened up on the berzerkers killing 3 of them. the snipers failed to do any damage. the tactical squad stayed in the back of the building to hold.

Round 2

Chaos Lord Jumped into some trees and signaled the Bezerker rhino to punch on to the side of the building. The dread went nuts and stalked towards it's intended prey (6+3" inch movement) the chaos marine Rhino punched into it's woods but failed to notice the huge rock and threw a tread. The Chaos Marines dismounted in the woods. the now 2 man berzerker squad headed for the trees their job done. Since the dread couldn't fire because of it's rage, the predator had to take up the slack, but this time only effectively blowing chunks off of armor. the bezerkers had dismounted from their rhino but their pistols only killed 1 Ultra Marine of the tactical squad. The bezerkers assualted the Tacical squad and brought 8 marines down. The Ultra Marine squad fell back with the bezerkers following up but not catching them. and the Bloodletter sppeared by the rhino to back up the bezerkers.

The Sergeant looked on and radio'd the commander that the Khorne horde had taken the bait. From behind the Marine lines came the Assault squad led by the commander. On to the field marched the Dreadnought eagerly looking towrds the choas dread for it's first kill. The Assault squad landed and fired into the bezerkers killing 1 of them. and the tacical squad also blasted into the bezerkers. the Meltagunner of the 2 man tactical vaporised another of the bezerkers. the Devs and Dread poured fire into the Chaos dread finally bringing it crashing to the ground. the Assault ensued and saw the destroction of the remaining Berzerkers. A might cheer ripped forth. and they swept forward into the Blood letters.

Round 3

Lord Cannius looked on in disbelief and new he faced a very dangerous opponent. The bezerker Rhino moved up on the lip of the buildings foundation and the remaing 2 bezerkers decided against the woods and rushed into the building the lord jumped over the rhino and landed in sight of the Force Commander. The predator opened fire elimnating another dev squad member. The Chaos marines moved out opf the forest to try and support their leader. The Lord let loose with his ancient plasma pistol and wounded the Ultra Marine commander.The 2 bezerkers ran into to the assualt on the Blood letters and the Choas lord rushed into face the commander. The Ultramarine commander expertly attacked wounding and killing the Chaos Lord, while the Lord's hits from his Axe of Khorne failed to penatrate the Iron Halo's protection.

UltraMarines turned their attention to the remaining Predator and Chaos Marines who looked at each other and pulled a quick Withdrawal stage left.

Winner: Ultra Marines (land slide victory)

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