Mission: Break through
Rules: none
Special: none

Night Lords army of Khorne (1000 pts)

Exalted Champ w/Axe of khorne, spikey bits, plasma pistol, jumppack

9 Berzerkers w/2 plasma pistols
1 Aspiring Champ w/power fist, spikey bits, bolt pistol
1 Rhino

5 Berzerkers w/plasma pistol
1 Aspiring Champ w/axe of Khorne, spikey bits, bolt pistol

9 Chaos Marines w/auto cannon, plasma rifle
1 Aspiring Champ w/Axe of Khorne, bolt pistol
1 Rhino

Dreadnought w/linked Plasma Cannon

Predator w/auto cannon, 2 H.Bolter,  sponsons

6 man Bloodletter pack


Was against Space Wolves! (new codex) Have no clue what his stuff was, as I have had no chance to read into the SW stuff.

Commander w/wolves

some scouty types guys that are elites

grey hunters (10 man)

grey hunters (10 man)

um.......Long fangs ...NASTY



With the Loss of their assault plans to the Ultra Marines, Lord Cannius's army had no choice but to break out of the encircling Space Wolves trap. Deploying most his forces in a Tree line and the 2 rhino's behind some tree cover. He sent Rasma his new Dreadnought out in a open area to draw enemy fire. the predator set up next to the trees he was waiting in. He waited to see how the Wolves would set them selves up. He knew his only chance now was to retreat his troops out of the trap and get to his landing ship.

the Wolf Lord sent his long fangs into a group of trees that gave them good field of fire, and a grey hunter pack to support them. He and his wolves set up on the other side with a grey hunter pack on his flank. He smiled when the Ultramarine scout had brought him the plans for the khorne attack and knew that today he would wipe these heretics from the face of the planet.


Round 1

Chaos: Lord jumped out of the trees to try and quickly get into Hand to hand with the grey hunters but failed to reach them. the berzerkers rushed at the wolf lord top take him out but failed to even get in firing range. The predator opened up on the grey hunters and killed 2 of them. and on the other side the 2 rhino's sped to more cover to avoid the long fangs. Rasma turned to stomp towards the long fangs as well.

Space Wolves: the long fangs split fire and shot at the predator and missed then immobilized one of the rhino's which wasn't quite hidden enough. the grey hunters moved up to block Rasma's line of fire. On the other side the lord moved out and killed a Berzerker and the grey hunters meltagunner saw the lord waiting over their and blasts into him. Bringing Lord Cannius down once again.

Round 2

Chaos: the berzerkers rushed forward again and fired at the lord killing all but 1 wolf. the predator opened fire again but failed to do any real damage to the grey hunters. the berzerkers rhino shot out and attacked the grey hunters on the other side. the berzerkers blasted the grey hunters and killed 2. the chaos marines stayed put in their rhino. the dreadnought strode forward and shot the Grey hunters as well but missed. the 10 man bezerkers assaulted the hunters, and managed to kill 1 of them. the 5 man bezerkers assaulted the wolf lord and failed to do anything.

Space Wolves: The grey hunters closed in on the predator and immobilized it. the scout guys came in behind the Chaos Marine rhino their meltagun blew off the rhino's gun. the long fangs managed to blow off the turret of the Predator and shake up the dreadnought.

Round 3

Lord Cannius looked on in disbelief and new he faced a very dangerous opponent. The berzerker Rhino moved up on the lip of the buildings foundation and the remaining 2 berzerkers decided against the woods and rushed into the building the lord jumped over the rhino and landed in sight of the Force Commander. The predator opened fire eliminating another dev squad member. The Chaos marines moved out of the forest to try and support their leader. The Lord let loose with his ancient plasma pistol and wounded the Ultra Marine commander. The 2 berzerkers ran into to the assault on the Blood letters and the Chaos lord rushed into face the commander. The Ultramarine commander expertly attacked wounding and killing the Chaos Lord, while the Lord's hits from his Axe of Khorne failed to penetrate the Iron Halo's protection.

Ultramarines turned their attention to the remaining Predator and Chaos Marines who looked at each other and pulled a quick Withdrawal stage left.

Winner: Ultra Marines (land slide victory)