The Lands of Babylon

The Draconic Lands


        The Draconic lands are overrun by darkness and death.  Centuries ago when the foul dark elves still existed,  they worked with the Mind Flayers to corrupt dragon eggs to there own purposes. instead they spawned a powerful new race that drove them away and with the help of their dragon masters laid waste to the southern continent.  Enslaving  those who didn't join with them, their foul armies of goblins and orcs marched long and  far till almost every last trace of resistance was wiped away.  Setting their greedy eyes upon the main continent of Babylon, they launched a assault that even set the massive empire of the elves (Teeress Lean)  back a step.  Ultimately the elves forced the dragon armies back, the Draconic lands prospered under the cruel rule of the dragons.  Soon it's cities even rivaled those of Teeress Lean and The Empire.  Most races of light are bought and sold as slaves in this foul land. 

Some Dragons from around the world -
Sen`Azail: adult Green Dragon (lairs on the northern tip of the draconic lands)
La`Senitra: great wyrm Blue Dragon (lairs in the mountain pass of Strom's Crossing to the south of the the empire of Sosaria)
Dor`Tee: mature Black Dragon (lairs in the great marsh outside the Empire)

Some of the Dragon Lords -
Sy`Mythis: Red Dragon Lord
Re`Morean: Song Dragon Lord
Zy`Rein: Silver Dragon Lord
Tel`Lorm: Brass Dragon Lord (Also known as the Seer Greystone)

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