The Lands of Babylon

Citadel of Rivenstone

(Home of the Dwarven People)


The single most concentrated location of dwarven culture, Rivenstone was centuries in building and has weathered the various wars almost unscathed.  With deep mithril mines as it's own, not to mention numerous smaller citadels that hold gold, silver and copper mines. This grand place resides in the Frost mountains to the west and north of the Empire of Sosaria.  It is rumored that over a million dwarves reside in this large stretch of mountains...and many assuming that is a under estimate.  Rivenstone itself boasts a large military and strange weapons of war that has many feared should the dwarves decide to conquer instead of trade.  It's approaches and entrances protected by mighty cannons, and it is even rumored that the Dwarves have made strange golums controlled by a dwarf residing inside them.  Many of the technological advancements that the Empire of Sosaria can boast of have come directly form their close ties with Rivenstone.  Some of those inventions have been warped by the overly dark nature of some humans,  creating true monstrosities.