The Lands of Babylon

Teer`ess Lean: Kingdom of the Elves

        The elves and dwarves, the two oldest where brought to the world by the Dragon Lords.  They served the Dragon lords of Chaos and eventually they over threw their draconic masters and established the first independent  kingdom, having achieved a level of power that could hold off if not defeat the chaos dragon lords.  The Dragon lords of Law having trouble with their own servitors (the dwarves) could not help out their chaotic brethren.  Eventually the Dragon Lords where forced out as the old religions became more prominent, and the old gods of the elves and dwarves made themselves felt.  Though powerful and almost godlike, even the Dragon Lords could not stand against the greater gods. Many of the dragons stayed in their lairs within the elven lands and some metallic dragons are even known to help the elves in times of least one ancient gold is know to reside within the capitol city and serve the speakers family as protector and advisor.  It is rumored that the wood elves use green dragons for some of their elite forces, and to protect the elven borders.

       The elders of each clan met together and they established what would lead the elves till this day...together they established the senate with each sub race of elf having a seat (grey, wood, high, aquatic) with the most powerful noble house set up as speaker. (a high elven house at the time).  All positions are hereditary, and are passed down through a complicated succession.

         The elves started a aggressive expansion of their borders after the dragon lords where forced out.  This led to the first Elf/Dwarf war, and the many wars after that, which eventaully forced the dwarves farther and farther north. During these wars a new race was building it's own power base...soon the rise of the humans was a unstoppable tide, the elves realized they would have to work with the humans and steer them in their path so that it was one favorable to elven kind.   Strangely this has succeeded, and failed.  Elves are found in most human cultures,  half elves and even thinner bloods are not looked down upon, even a human/elven sub race has developed over the millennium, referred to as high men.  This led to elves being more known and not nearly as mysterious, as even most leaders of human kingdoms married elvish once every few generations to insure the longevity and purity of the elven blood in their lines.  Though some purist still watch the elves and refuse to allow their blood to be tainted. (on both sides)

           The Elves have one huge city, and then several large towns and numerous small towns and who can count how many villages and hamlets.  The wood elves especially seem to disdain cities and large towns, preferring the quiet village life or even nomadic life, often serving in the elven rangers to help protect the borders.  The High elves live all over the world, and preferre cities over villages.   The Grey elves live in the mountainous region in the northern portion of the elven lands, and rarely are seen outside of them, though small groups have moved into such kingdoms as Starwick and Symbayia.  The aquatic elves guard the elves large natural harbor, having cities and defenses placed far beneath the surface, where else they may have cities is unknown as they are never seen outside the capitol and their own cities.

The Rulers of Teer`ess Lean

    Speaker (High Elven):
    Grey Elven Senator:
    Wood Elven Senator:
    Sea Elven Senator:
    High Elven Senator:
    Frost Elven Senator: none (not apart of the normal elven as isolationists)

Racial Stats for the Elves of Babylon (typical Example Pics)

    Grey:   -2 Str,  +2 Dex, -2 Con, +2 Int (App +2) - Favored Class: Wizard - Height: 4`0"-5`6" - Weight: 60-110lb
    Wood: +2 Str,  +2 Dex, -2Con, -2 Int, (App +2)
- Favored Class: Ranger - Height: 5`1"-6`6" - Weight: 90-140lb
    High:   +2 Dex, -2 Con (App +2)
- Favored Class: Bard - Height: 4`2"-5`8" - Weight: 70-115lb
    Frost:   +2 Dex, +1 Con, -2 Cha (App +2)
- Favored Class: Rogue - Height: 5`0"-6`3" - Weight: 85-130lb

Ages of the Elves of Babylon

    Grey:      150-250 (young adult)   251-650 (mature)    651-1000 (middle age)    1001-1500 (old) +5d%
    Wood:    75-150  (young adult)    151-500 (mature)    501-800 (middle age)      801-1100 (old)   +3d%
    High:      100-175 (young adult)   176-550 (mature)    551-875 (middle age)      876-1300 (old)   +4d%
    Frost:      50-100 (young adult)    101-400 (mature)    401-600 (middle age)      601-800 (old)     +2d%