The Lands of Babylon

The Empire of Sosaria

     The empire was brought to be after the great human rebellion against elven rule across the world.  The humans fleeing the city of Sidhe Thyl ran to the desert to the north.  There they died slowly in the cruel sun, till the dwarves who were ancient enemies of the elves decided to take a step towards friendship with this young and brash race.  Using their extensive engineering knowledge they brought water from the glaciers to the north to this barren land and with the help of Dwarven druids soon the desert bloomed into rolling hills and forests.  A powerful Paladin of the Creator united the humans, and with the help of the dwarves the first empire of man was born.  Isolated by mountains on almost all sides and in the far corner of the world, the Empire of Sosaria was left in peace since the fall of Sidhe Thyl.  Many even forgot that such a place existed.  But soon a group of Merchants of unknown origin started Arcadia to the south and the Empire once again found it self dragged into the affairs of the world, but now it was a powerful land with weapons of great destruction and mercenaries hired from the Draconic Lands (orcs, gnolls, etc..)  In modern times this empire is ruled by the Divine Emperor, who some say is the same Emperor who united the humans originally, but then how could that be?  Humans don't live that long, but the Emperor is so reclusive no one is really sure.

 The Empire boasts one of the strongest military's on the world, rivaled only by Teeress'Lean & The Dragon Lords,  Their Rifleman easily matching the renowned skill of the elven archers. The capitol city is under direct control of the Emperors personal guard (The Praetorian Guard).  Where as normal military units may be in the city (leave, shipping out, etc...) the authority of the Praetors is absolute with only the Inquisition being able to override their orders.

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The Empire uses some stuff from Privateer Press's
I highly recommend checking out their Monsternomicon.