Planet: Carrion

Location: Spin ward
Time: 23:15 hours
Chapter: The Forsaken
Unit: 3rd "Wiltons Reavers"

He looked over the ragged barrier of wood and Dirt, at the red/gold sky of this Emperor forsaken planet. Sgt Wilton looked over his bolter as the ammo count showed the rounds where almost depleted. In the distance he could hear explosions and raking of auto cannon fire. Dimly through the smoke and strange lighting, his helmets visual enhancers picked up movement to the left of his position. His power armor squeaked just a bit, showing the overuse he has had to put it through, as he shifted his bolter to cover the movement in the copse of trees. His radio spat ragged reports from others of his squad as they encountered or destroyed the emperors enemies.

A shriek arose as a beast from the depths of hell sprinted out of the trees toward a flanking position, but as it topped the barrier a burst of flame engulfed the creature and roasted it's skin as it flayed in death throes. He knew then that trooper Simmons was obliviously still alive and active, and he let out a gasp of air as he relaxed some. The sounds of the fight once again died down as he looked through the haze of smoke and scanned again for potential targets, or friends. A creature flying over head caught his attention and he carefully sighted the beast in, checking it through the scope of the bolter to get a better look. As he sited in, a burst of auto cannon fire raked over the beast sending it spiraling down to the ground with a loud crash as it landed not far away. Sgt Wilton cursed under his breath as he checked again the area and wondered when pull out was...then a burst of transmission came over his helmet making him pale and shake. "Brother marines, fend off the emperors enemies and conquer thy foe. We shall return when a crisis is resolved." and with that Wilton looked up as the thunder hawk gunship rocketed up into the night. Sgt Wilton cursed again as he felt the last hope of getting off this rock in one piece sore into the night. Then he heard the crack of wood.

To late he turned as the four armed beast clawed at him raking his armor as if it was butter. Sgt. Wilton fell back and brought his Bolter up as the creature leaned forward to slice again, as the shells from the bolter ripped through its carapace and sent the creature reeling back and to the ground. He cursed and checked the creature over and then his eyes widen as the creature drew itself up and it's dark eyes turned on him. Sgt Wilton raised his weapon again and with a almost calm grace pulled the trigger, only to hear the clank of the slide hitting nothing. At that moment he saw his life flash before him and he knew soon he will have performed his finally service for his emperor. As the creature started to leap and Wilton steeled his spine to die fighting, he heard the sharp retort of multi bolter fire and the creature was torn to pieces. Sgt Wilton blinked and looked up as the large armored form topped the trench and the menacing visage of the terminators helmet turned towards Wilton. With a nod the hulking figure moved to his left and down further onto the field. Sgt Wilton called for his squad to meet with him, sagging with relief as the 1st squads Terminators reined death up on the foes of the emperor, and for the first time since landing Sgt Wilton felt hope!

After the Squad formed up Sgt. Wilton looked over, glad that only 2 of his 6 man squad had fallen to the unholy monsters. He motioned for the squad to move out and started a slow march towards the command camp. Not one Marine complained as they marched. It took 2 hours to reach home base and as they came in Commander Lecross asked him to come to his tent for reassignment. His men where ordered to restock and rest. Sgt Wilton handed his bolter off and removed his helmet to follow the Commander. When they Reached the tent Commander Lecross took a seat and spread a map and pointed to several spots as he explained Sgt Miltons next mission. the only good news given with the assignment was that his unit would be supplied a heavy bolter for cover fire. Wilton smiled grimly as he thought of the massive firepower the bolter would bring to the unit. Then commander dismissed him, and with a salute Wilton left the tent and went to check on his unit.

Part 2:

Location: Spin ward
Time: 09:36 hours
Chapter: The Forsaken Squad: 3rd "Wiltons Reavers

Sgt Wilton looked over the rise at the enemy's spawning hive. His helmets visual sensors adjusted range as he scanned the perimeter. He then scanned the to the right checking to make sure his men where in place. Trooper Simmons had taken up a central position to cover the squad with his flamer, and trooper Cord was positioned by some rocks ready to let the heavy bolters deadly hail of fire cover the right flank. Sgt Wilton jacked a fresh clip into his Bolter and smiled grimly and ordered the first part of the attack to go.

Over his head roared two of the "tornado" class Land Speeders. They banked and came in low, the enemy Tryanids opened fire as they saw the speeders, but the pilot deftly dodged in and the large under mounted assault cannon ripped into the defending monsters. The other speeder came in short and a huge gout of flame scoured the enemy line with purifying flame. Both speeders headed out and banked around to come in again. As they did, Sgt Wilton signaled and trooper cord let loose with the heavy bolter, making inhuman screams erupt from below as the emperors justice came. trooper Randal of the Devastator squad aimed in the launcher and let loose with a rocket that homed in on a enemy Carnifex, destroying it completely. Over the left flanks hill came a pounding sound as the mighty form of the Dreadnought Orbis topped the hill, His plasma cannon and Missile launcher bringing about the emperors justice on the foul fiends of the Tyranid. Sgt wilton ordered his men forward to a closer position. They moved quickly and assuredly, bolter fire erupting from them as they found targets in the swirling smoke. coming to rest on a small rock circle, Sgt Wilton ordered his men to stay and hold, fire erupted all down the squad as they took out there vengeance upon the unholy monsters for fallen Brothers.

With a bright flash in the center of the camp, 1st squads terminators appeared and let loose with their assault cannons and storm bolters, making the Tyranid line demolish from the rear. The terrible monsters in the rear turned to attack the terminators, and Wilton ordered maximum fire coverage. And the satisfying sound of the heavy bolter ripping the lines causing gene stealers to just rip apart as they charged. Wilton continued pumping round after round into the enemy as he heard the speeders again make a pass. Taking out a large portion of the enemy's assault force upon the terminators. Sgt wilton heard a scream, and turned just as one of the dangerous gene stealers landed and ripped Trooper Cord in half. Simmons turned and managed to get a blast of flame off upon the creature which reeled and blackened. But in the time they had taken their focus off the line and Wilton felt himself dragged back and thrown down. He looked up as the Genestealer brought one of his terrible claws ripping down towards Wiltons chest, at that moment he prayed to the emperor for forgiveness in failing his to finish this mission, And somewhere the emperor must have heard and rewarded him, for as the creature hit, heavy bolter fire ripped the thing to pieces, covering him in the slime of the creatures body fluids. He got to his to his feet and nodded his thanks to trooper Simmons as the man dropped the bolter and continued his work with his flamer. Sgt Wilton retrieved his bolter and took up position finishing off the beast with renewed determination. The enemy couldn't withstand and faltered then was wiped out in the emperors name!

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