Battle for Tycor

In a flash of cascading warp energy, a planet long lost appears in an ancient orbit around a long forgotten star. Somewhere on the planet a signal starts, sending forth into the vast darkness of the universe. In the outreaches of the Imperiums vast empire, several listening posts pick up the errant signal and immediately the Imperium send forth a task force to discover and claim or destroy whatever is found there. But in the vastness of space the Imperium was not the only ones to hear the signal, deep in the eye of terror the lords of chaos, and the Dark Eldar heard and sent fleets of their own. In another part of the galaxy the strange Tryanids also responded. And as yet unknown force that rivals the mysterious Necrons in science set their eyes upon the signal. (See Cybertronic: Warzone conversion rules.)

Campaign Army Size: 2000
Mission: Planet fall (house rules)
Special Rules: Deep Strike, Variable turn length, Reserves
Army Size: 600
Scenario Setup: 1 troop unit from each side is setup initially then troops arrive using the reserve rules. Units that come in as reserves use a modified deep strike rule (they can appear anywhere on the playing board, use 2d6 scatter, and 1d6 if the unit can normally deep strike, or 1d3 if teleport homer is used.)
Story: While scouting from their base camp, a unit has come across an enemy scout unit. Commanders immediately respond to the threat.

Round 1- Space Marines VS Dark Eldar

Turn 1 ------------
SM: A 5-man unit of scout troops moves out, and find an ancient ruin of some settlement. Seeing that there was movement from the road, they then spotted a Dark Eldar Raider moving up it. They moved into a long since ruined building and await the Raider

DE: As their Raider moved up the road, the dark ones caught a glimpse of the scouts moving into the building. Running their Raider forward they take aim and fire their Dark lance, hitting the building but failing to hurt the scouts.

Turn 2 -------------
SM: Much needed reinforcements arrived in the back of the Scouts position in the form of Sergeant Linus and his 7-man tactical squad. They took up position in a tall building and took bearings on the Raider. Meanwhile the Scouts took a pot shot at the raider with their heavy bolter and surprisingly brought the large vehicle crashing down. 5 of the fiendish dark ones where killed in the explosion, and 1 more died from the sniper fire of the scouts.

DE: Reeling from the sniper and heavy bolter fire the remaining warriors take stock and decide to push on, they are bolstered by the arrival of their archon. Together they move up the tree surrounded road towards the deadly Space Marine Scouts.\par

Turn 3 --------------
SM: Cheering as Chaplain Ramus and the mighty dreadnought Orbis arrive near them, and checking to make sure sergeant Linus and his squad are moving up from behind. The Scouts keep their position and Ramus uses his jump pack to land on an old building and observes the conflict. . Orbis moves forward to cover the only bridge over the river. Once again the scouts heavy bolter fires, and with a turn of luck all the shots miss the intended targets. The snipers let loose and have more success hitting but causing only one wound which the warriors armor saves against, but they do make the warriors scramble cover, pinning them this round.

DE: Feeling exposed the Archon is relieved when their second Raider and the deadly Ravager arrive to support them. Moving forward together the Ravager lets loose with its weapons taking out 2 of the entrenched scouts. A dark lance shot from the Raider takes out another of the so far deadly scouts.

Turn 4---------------
SM: The Scouts rally, and call in air support, which arrives in the form of a deadly Land speeder Tornado. It moves to support the scouts, as Orbis takes aim on the Ravager. The Tactical squad moves into the main road but is still far from the action. The mighty Orbis fires his plasma cannon but the fiery blast fails to harm the Ravager. A shot from the Land speeders assault cannon and heavy bolter knock the mighty craft around but fail to harm it. The scouts fire again at the second raider and manage to shake some paint off the side of it.

DE: Seeing his forces taking such a beating, the Archon makes a mad dash for the enemies positions moving all his forces forward he brings all guns to bear on the enemy. Firing It's deadly dark lance, the Raider succeeds in blasting a wide chunk or paint off the mighty Dreadnought. The Warrior squad fires at the remaining scouts but fails in harming them. The Ravager opens up on the fast approaching tactical squad but even its mighty disintegrators fails to harm the stalwart marines. The Dark Eldar start looking for an escape route as they fear the Marines fire.

Turn 5-------------
SM: Holding position to bring his weapons to bear, Sergeant Linus orders firing at the Archon. Orbis Takes aim on the raider and with a blast of plasma knocks the gunner out and ruins the dark lance. Ramus fires and misses. The scouts once again try to destroy the remaining Raider but fail to hurt it. 2 of Linus's squad fire at the Archon and surprisingly the dreaded shadow field takes a critical hit and fails. The marines cheer this unexpected success. The Speeder lets loose with a blaze of fire from both weapons and manages to bring the mighty Ravager crashing down in a burning wreck.

DE: Fearing loss of this Force the Archon orders a fighting retreat. Their Splinter cannons manage to knock out the temperamental assault cannon on the Speeder. The army retreats back down the road.

Turn 6---------------
SM: Moving the Speeder forward it manages to engage and destroy the last raider, killing four of the warriors inside in the crash. The archon takes a wound from Orbis's heavy flamer, but he misses with his plasma cannon. The scouts manage to kill one more warrior with sniper shot. Then the marines watch as the Dark Eldar flee off the board. Marines win this territory.

DE: Retreat with what few forces remain in his command.


Round 1 continued - Tyranid VS Chaos

Same mission

Turn 1 ----------------
Chaos: Tactical squad takes up position in ruins across from a river and watch the woods intently, knowing that the bugs are near.

T: Spore mines start the Tyranid turn and move randomly doing not much.

Turn 2 ------------------
Chaos: The tactical squad cheers as their exalted champion arrives and Cringes as one of their number is possessed and killed by the mighty Bloodthirster. But they keep enough focus to destroy a spore mine that came to the edge of the woods across the river.

T: ALL the Tyranid reinforcements arrive except their 6-man squad of gene stealers. (5-man gene stealers squad, Hive Tyrant, Tyranid Brood warriors, Zoanathropes) They deep strike in right in front of the wary chaos marines and the slavering Bloodthirster. After firing into the squad and killing five of the remaining six chaos marines and wounding the demon. (The remaining chaos marine decided screw this and hoofed it out of there.) The Tyranid assaulted the demon and even though the might demon did many wounds to the hive tyrant, the tyrant remained standing. All the Tyranid forces only managed to hurt the demon twice. Hand to hand continued.

Turn 3 --------
Chaos: as per house rules, on round 3 you can pull out to help reserve points. Chaos bugs out leaving the field to the Tyranid!

Round 2- Tyranid vs. Dark Eldar vs. Space Marines

Mission: Take and Hold
Special Rules: Reserves
Army Size: 800
Scenario Setup: 1 troop unit from each side is setup initially then troops arrive using the reserve rules.
Story: While scouting a new territory, scout units encounter a town and within it a ancient fortress. Soon the three different sides are swarming to capture this resource and control a valuable strategic placement.

Turn 1-----------
T: The evil forces of the bugs unleash a deadly scout in the form of a pack of Termagants They move through some light woods, approaching the town from the west.

DE: The Evil ones scouting party of warriors moves with swiftness (Fleet of foot) through the towns Northern edge, hiding in ruins to keep their presence masked as much as possible.

SM: The Scouts return again moving through light woods to a high building towering out of them on the south edge of town. Next round they would be able to take vantage on the roof.

Turn 2 -----------
T: Termagants (Spelling?) move further on the field bolstered by a group of Tyranid Brood warriors. moving stealthily as a giant bug can through the woods they move towards the DE creeping through the ruins.

DE: Calling in support from seeing the moves of the brood warriors through the trees. It arrives in the form of the Evil Archon and the deadly Ravager. The warriors quickly fleet of foot up to the edge of the fortress, Being the first to arrive in it.

SM: The scouts reach the roof and pause seeing the forces arrayed against them. They call in support and it arrives in the Form of Chaplain Ramus, a Dev squad, Land speeder tornado, and the mighty dreadnought Orbis. They move along the east board edge towards the fortress. Ramus uses his jump pack to take a vantage point on a wall facing the city.

Turn 3 ------------
T: Seeing the scouts top the building, The brood warriors call in a Mighty Carnifex to aid them and 2 6-man squads of gene stealers. As their forces move closer to both the space marines to the south and the DE to the north. One of the Brood Warriors fires and brings a DE warrior to a ghastly end.

DE: Feeling the bite of their recent loss, and the sign of the emperors champions coming for them again. The Archon call in 2 Raider squads, promising himself that the SM would feel their wrath. The Raiders D.Lance blasts into a Brood warrior destroying it's essence. The Archon grins and signals the ravager, it's D.Lance hits chaplain Ramus and to the SM's horror he is enveloped in energy and brought down! The DE Archon screams in victory at this shot.

SM: Crying out in rage over Ramus's fall! Sergeant Linus arrives and marches with grim determination towards the fortress, The scouts get to the edge of the building and take aim at the approaching Terms. The others march on, except for the speeder which skirts the place ramus fell and aims it H.Bolter at the ravager and lets fly! the ravager screw is so stunned by the speeders attack, that they float helplessly. The snipers pick off a Term and pin them.

Turn 4 -----------
T: the Carnifex calls in the Tyrant and Zoanathropes and some spore mines, the mines promptly leave again searching out targets on another field. The Tyrant moves forward swiftly and fires at the Speeder, Stunning the crew as they failed to see it's rapid approach. One of the brood warriors avenges the death of his brood by bringing down one raider, killing only one of the squad inside. a Zoan shoots another warrior entrenched in the fortress.

DE: Grinning savagely the archon orders his troops over to the fortress which 2nd squads now holds. 1 raider speeds over and drops off the 1st squad, as the 2nd squad there takes up entrenched positions. The Ravager still floats stunned. a S.Cannon lets loose and brings a rain of destruction on one of the brood warriors.

SM: The deadly snipers once again let loose on the DE warriors in the fortress killing another, the mighty Orbis lets loose and kills another DE warrior, the rest keep moving towards the fortress.

Turn 5 ------------
T: Zoan kills another of the warriors from the downed Raider, as the tyrant takes up position in a ruin, One of the 6-man Genestealer squads rush into H2H along side the remaining brood warrior. Sweeping into the downed raider squad and the DE archon. the stealers kill 3 of the warriors and the brood warrior kills the Sybarite. Both sides holds firm.

DE: The Dark Eldar move a squad into a tower in the fortress, H2H continues and the gene stealers kill 5 more DE warriors, the archon screams in rage as his shadow fields dies and he takes a wound. Once again H2H continues. the Ravager hunts for targets

SM: The Dev's take up position in the building around the fallen Ramus. the Speeder pulls back out of sight, Linus's squad takes up position in other side of the fortress. Orbis moves into the ruins as well hunting for the 2nd DE squad. Snipers kill 3 more terms and the dreadnought fails to wound a hiding DE warrior squad

Round 6 ------------
T: Seeing they will be unable to achieve the fortress. the tyrant orders a all out assault on everything the Tyranid can see. The Zoanathropes kill 4 more warriors in the fortress and the gene stealers in H2H kill the archon with a yowl of triumph. and sweep towards the 2nd DE squad in the fortress

DE: Blaster warrior of 2nd squad pops out of hiding to take a quick shot at orbis, but fails to hurt the mighty dreadnought. the squad in the tower fire out to attack linus's squad killing 2 marines. The DE brace themselves knowing it's going to be close.

SM: In a surprise move Orbis strides to the side of the warrior w/blaster. and turns and a terrible gout of flame erupts from it's flamer incinerating the 3 remaining warriors in the 2nd DE squad in the fortress. The Dev and tactical squads open up on the 1st DE squad hidden in the tower managing to only kill 1 warrior. The Land speeder shoots forward to brings the ravager crashing to the ground.

TIE GAME! DE and SM both have squads above 50% in the fortress. comes down to VP and Space Marines win. The Tyranid go home disgruntled. (Sorry if this seems a bit fragmented, if I didn't mention a specific unit in a round it was because they did nothing or had no targets. This report was a week old and i was having a hard time remembering from my notes.)

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