This page will have character listings, new classes & PrCs, and a adventuring journal. As well as follow the life of one of my favorite characters I ever spent the time creating. Never in a game have we had the opportunity to let our characters grow and gain lands, accomplish long term goals and dreams.  This game was unique as most our games tend to be short and then we go on to another game.  For once I got to sit back and look at how things would go in  a long term for a character, and I found that a very addictive experience.  Since this game spanned 12 years so far of in game time,  we've actually seen characters deviate wildly from pre-planned concepts, such as Ielenia loosing her Paladin-hood in a act of jealous rage shortly after she gained it (less than 2 hours actual game time if I remember correctly), and eventually becoming a Sword Dancer after I decided to create the class after reading a series of novels (R.A. Salvatores Demonwar saga, for those interested). Then to travel on and earn a noble title, and to go and save a king from a evil god, nothing of which did I envision when I first discussed a Barbarian turned Paladin with my DM.  I even have the town of Raven's Cross mostly worked out (I should post it actually).  I hope to play this character for a long time to come, though at the rate we are going she'll be retired in a year or so.  Ielenia and the others are mostly played in our growing campaign world called Babylon!

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