The Path of Darkness

By Sean Nichols


    Holly relaxed in the cars seat, the smell of expensive letter slid over her nose and she couldn’t help a small smile as she glanced out the tinted glass at her brother, looking so disreputable but blending into the back ground of the street so perfectly.  Tilting her shades down her nose she glances over the street, not seeing their quarry she sighed and leaned her head back against the seat and closed her eyes, contemplating the life that had led her to this moment as memories flashed over her mind.  Jerrys gambling had gotten out of hand and since he was her only family the ones who held that debt came to her. She was barely out of high school and had been shocked by the amount her brother had lost to these folks.  It became obvious to her quickly she would never afford to pay even a tenth of it back.  How he had managed to wrack up such amount, she knew he hang out with unsavory fellows and often got into fights.  But she had never expected him to go so far.  Soon though with threats and intimidation they had her working for a lecherous fellow named Reggie who ran the White Hare, how she hated those first couple weeks having to dance for all the men,  stripping was definitely not the pinnacle of her dreams.  Still it had brought in money and quite a lot of it as well, of course in true slum fashion it had never been enough to make a dent, and of course she had been forced to take the final step in her plunge. Prostitution was the final plunge, or least that is what she had believed then.  She sold her flesh to the customers till they had broken her so far they had known she was their creature then.  Of course she had started up then, better places, better clients.  She became a high dollar call girl, something by then she found acceptable and even started to enjoy, almost forgetting these men had coerced her into this life then rode her till she broke.  Soon they even found a use for Jerrrys special talents; he had become quite the tough on the street and had won many of illegal street fight. Soon they offered holly the way to make money even faster than her current job, and she and Jerry found a nice niche doing their new jobs.  Though she didn’t mind the sex as much as she did in that dance house, she definitely preferred the casual use of it she now employed. 


          Noticing Jerrys annoyed flick of his hand she realized the quarry had arrived, how easy it was to get close when many visiting men wanted someone to enjoy the evening. Stepping out of the sleek jaguar she smoothed the silk skirt down her thighs and smiled briefly slipping the shades into her long coat.  She found men always looked into her eyes or chest when she was close to them.  Of course she had to get very close, and she knew Jerry would watch her back.  Moving around the car she moved across the street eyeing the target as he left the limo and his bodyguards moved beside him watching everyone close.  One guards eyes met hers then slid over her slender form,  she knew the silk dress with the low neckline and sleek curves would distract and rewarded she was as his eyes tracked down instead of challenging her approach.


          Calling out quietly in a voice that was soft yet vibrant with promise “Sir Heinrich, I’m Holly Taylor, your escort for this evening if you so approve” She saw the mans eyes turn towards her and travel the length, faintly surprised when he just nodded and looked back towards the doors of the hotel, motioning for the guards to let her through.  She stepped past them and slid close to her quarry, not minding as his hand slid into her coat and around her slender waist to tug her close to him. Smiling faintly she realized she might have misjudged his initial reaction to her as he turned and smiled, though his dark eyes glittered with a darkness that sent a shiver down her spine, easily felt through the thin silk, and that just amused him. She could see it in his eyes, under normal times this would have been a client she hated, who wanted to do things that hurt her or worse.  For a instant a flare of righteousness flashed through her at ending this man, a flare of triumph in her sapphire blue eyes that he caught and worry flashed through them even as two very soft thuds sent him sprawling into the limo, red blossoming over his shirt.  Her arm was grabbed and forced behind her as one guard slammed her belly into the car making her gasp, but she didn’t struggle.


          “That was a mistake you bitch, who sent you and why shoot him?” The guard demanded close to her ear, his breath rushed across her skin making her close her eyes , biting her lip to keep from wondering where Jerry was and shake her head no to the man.  Then quietly she answered even as the other called for a ambulance on a cell, not even seeing the shadow rear up behind him and a wicked knife slide through the mans back. Cutting off his request for help all of a sudden that caused the guard on her to loosen his grip and look that way. “That was a mistake” she said as her high heel smashed into his foot and he let go grimacing, bringing his gun around.  For a second a flash of panic raced through her spine before Jerry was there, grabbing the mans wrist much as he had done her and twisting it behind him, The man groaned in pain even as Jerrry let go of his arm and casually grabbed the guards head and snapped his neck.  Letting the body fall to the ground casually he grinned at his sister, who nodded and put one more bullet into Mr. Heinrichs head before linking arms with her brother and starting across the street to their car. Slipping into the jaguar’s passenger sheet she sighed softly, feeling somehow empty as her brother put the car into gear and took off, in the distance sirens screamed.


          Holly slid into her hot bubble bath and enjoyed the warmth of it, washing away the sore muscles and at least in her own mind the grubby feel of that mans hand on her ass as he had held her close.  Though with a wicked smile she had to admit he got his, men ever where the fools for a beautiful woman, his guards should have paid less attention to her dress and more attention to her hands.  Laughing a little she shook her head and raised one shapely leg out of the soap rubbing a cloth down the leg.  She knew though she traded on her looks now, sooner or later those would fade.  Men like Sebastian would loose interest in her, and she’d be nothing but an old has been on some street corner.  Luckily this job paid so well their debt to Sebastian was through and both her and Jerry could walk away, and live their own lives, perhaps working as they where or find something less, exciting and more calm.  Washing her other leg she ran the cloth over the firm swell of one breast and side thinking of Sebastian, she knew he would never let her go, he had spent so much time bringing her to this point.  She was his now and no easy thing of paying off a debt would let her walk away from him or his bed.  Her soft lips frowned for a second as the contemplated this reality and then shrugged, perhaps at least for a time she would be able to walk her own path and see things with her own eyes.  Instead of being the trophy on Sebastian’s arm, perhaps she would visit England or France before he finally reined her back in.  Frowning again as a sound caught her ear, it was the ringing of their phone and she sighed knowing who it was and it meant trouble.  Standing she let the water sprinkle over her slender frame and down her sleek flesh before stepping out of the bath.  Holly then heard the stomping of feet down the hallway as she reached for her robe and slipped it on as the door was shoved open.  She couldn’t help raising a eyebrow as Jerry eyes swept over her briefly before going to her eyes and holding up her cell phone.


          “Sebastian called, he wanted to know the mark tonight had some serious muscle behind him, they’ve sent a leech on our trail, time to head out so if your done showing off...” Jerry smiled lightly and tossed the phone to Holly before turning and moving back into the hall and down it towards his room.  Holly couldn’t help a blush as she realized the thin robe clung to every curve of her slender frame leaving little to the imagination She knew Jerry couldn’t have any real sexual intent towards her, but he did love to tease her.  Of course then it occurred to her that she had just blushed and blinked as she stepped into the hall and towards her room.  She had thought she was long past blushing in her life but apparently something of that little girl remained.  Laughing softly to herself she grabbed the dress she wore earlier and slipped it back over her body, sighing a bit, as she didn’t really have time to change into something less revealing and slipped her heels back on before grabbing her trench coat back on and grabbing the suitcase.  She knew that Sebastian wouldn’t have called unless it was really dangerous and Jerry seemed to think it was time to step up their time table.  In the hall she proceeded to the front room and past the large windows before seeing Jerry by the front door shifting a bit.  He was always so nervous and restless after a job,  thinking back to his earlier look Holly concluded it was time Jerry got some relief, she’d have to remind Sebastian to send that cute blonde Alyssa over to Jerry’s when they got back. As Jerry opened the door and they stepped out a loud crash echoed through the suite and a creature landed in the main room, its glowing red eyes locked onto her, and she gasped as she realized it had claws at the end of its fingers.  It howled and launched itself at them, and as her hand went with practiced motion to the concealed pistol in the coat a large arm pushed her down the hall, almost making her trip in her heels as Jerry slammed the door shut and a sickening crunch and groan of wood happened behind them.  Instead of waiting around holly started down the hallway even as Jerry came up behind her trying to hurry her along.  Feeling panic flash through her cool reserve as the door groaned and cracked behind her she frantically pressed the elevator button even as the door gave way and the vampire and it glanced down the hallway at them then seemed to move with blinding speed towards them. She raised her pistol and started to take aim but knew even as good as she was it wouldn’t be quick enough to take down a vampire, but to her astonishment Jerry stepped forward and twisted to the side as the vampire leaped forward and past him, Jerrys knee coming up with almost inhuman speed into the vampires stomach as his elbow came crashing down upon the vampires neck, sending the foul creature crashing to the ground with a thud.  A chime behind her made her jump then sigh in relief as the door slid open and she slipped to the back wall keeping her gun trained towards the vampire, Jerry stepped in casually and smiled, he seemed tense and excited from the fight, and she might have seen the nightmarish glow from his eyes. Of course she didn’t because the vampire behind her was rising and turned towards them, flashing fang leaving no doubt in her mind that her bloodless corpse would be found soon enough if it had his way. With a lighting quick move Jerry spun his foot lashing out and into the vampires head as it lunged forward, another sickening thud and the vampire launched into the far wall with a solid crunch, already she saw it stirring but the doors closed and she sighed in relief as elevator started down.


          “We need to get to the car and to the airport quickly, he’ll be on us as soon as we get down but he’ll have to show some restraint in public.  He was in frenzy or we might have been dead already” Jerry turned away from her and brought out his trusted knife, almost the size of a small sword Holly hated the blade but Jerry seemed too loath to give it up.  Shifting the gun under her coat so it was hidden but she could bring it out in a second she stopped a second to wonder how Jerry knew so much about vampires.  Holly thought that was strange but he had been on the street longer than she, and knew much more about it’s seedier side. Very quietly she spoke to Jerrys back “You watch my back and I’ll get the car, your skills at fighting are much better than my own” and she was relieved to see his nod affirmative, just then the door chimed and it opened into the lobby of the hotel.  Holly stopped before leaving looking over the lobby and shaking her head seeing the car just outside the main doors, glancing at Jerry.


          “no this is a bad idea, he’ll know the car was brought around front and be waiting out there for us, this elevator can take us to the garage lets just get a car there” Jerry nodded and punched a button and the car zipped to the next floor.  Opening upon a small tunnel they both followed for a distance before coming to a end at a steel door, Jerry pulled his knife and Holly readied her pistol as he swung the door open and stepped out eyes flickering around to check for targets before moving a little further.  Holly stepped out behind him and as her heeled ticked on the floor something came from above and slammed Jerry to the ground, all holly heard was a groan of pain from him letting her know he was alive, for the moment.  The vampire turned and smiled at Holly, his eyes raking over the dress as he moved forward.


          “I heard Sebastian’s toy was nice, but your better than I thought, I want to hear your screams before I’m through with you little toy” Holly shivered at his words wanting to deny them, but she was focused on the moment he moved, and she caught it as he moved with impossible speed, her pistol thudded quietly twice and blood splattered the vampires face as it screamed in rage.  Holly moved then to the side and behind cover of a car parked nearby, her breathing came in quick gasps as fear coursed through her.  She knew the creature wasn’t dead, not that easily, but before she could think a large thump of feet landing on a steel was heard and she looked up into harsh red eyes the vampire smiled and beckoned her closer, holly faintly felt something pushing at her mind and she looked away just as another form came crashing beside the Vampire, Jerry bloodied but up let loose a powerful roundhouse kick that sent the Vampire once again flying backwards and crashing into a pickup across the isle.  Jerry was after it less than a second later as the vampire stood and swung, with eerie calm and precision, Jerry blocked the arm and twisted around slamming his hand into the creatures’ stomach. Holly saw a almost comical expression on the vampires face that faded as pain then filled it.  Jerry sent a elbow smashing into the vamps face and it thudded against the truck as Jerry twirled his knife and moved towards Holly.


          “Come on sis; let’s get going while we can…” Jerry’s words where cut off as Holly watched in horror at the sight of the Vampire coming to its feet and moving impossibly fast. Launching itself over Jerry’s shoulder its hands grabbed the back of his head and sent Jerry face first into the concrete with a devastating thud, Holly couldn’t help but wince and level her pistol to unleash the last couple bullets at the monster. It moved so fast she only winged it as it again launched itself over the car and landed behind her, Holly let out a surprised scream as it grabbed her wrist in a crushing grip and twirled it behind her back and up, causing her to gasp in pain and stumble forward in pain, the Vampire moved in pressing her over and against the rear of the car, panic flooded Holly and she drew the stiletto from her thigh sheath and rammed it back, feeling it punch through cloth and flesh.  The Vampire hissed in pain and leaned over her pressing her arm up till it threatened to break, making her bite her lip to keep from screaming in pain.  Her hand fell from the knife and she couldn’t help a small whimper as the vampire leaned close to her ear and almost gently nibbled on the edge of it.


          “Hhmm I shall enjoy you, you smell so sweet, innocence lost yet still clinging to you.  Perhaps I’ll drain you dry while screwing you against this car little toy, would you like that little girl?” His words sent a bolt of anger through the pinned woman, and lacking anything else she slammed her foot into his, her heel pressing hard against him, but he only laughed and drew her blonde hair from her neck and leaned down again to press soft kisses against her throat.  Holly squirmed feeling more and panic invade her mind, confusing her thoughts then something thrust it’s way into her mind and made her just go still,  She felt him in her mind pawing around through it. His free hand slid down to tug her skirt up her thighs and around her waist even as sharp teeth pressed against the soft skin of her neck.  A familiar yet surprising sound penetrated came to both of them then the vampire felt something press against his head.


          “Got your attention you fucking leech?  That’s an Ithaca shotgun with 12 gauge slugs, thrice blessed by being soaked in the holy water, the blood of a saint, and the prayer of cardinal said over them.  Touch her again and I’ll blow your fucking head apart, now let the nice girl up.”  The voice was feminine with a hard edge to it, like someone use to fighting and the vampire growled before stepping back just a little and holly slipped out from underneath him pressing the skirt back around her thighs as she turned and blinked at the sight before her.  The slender dark haired goth girl was not what she expected or the fact she held a pump shotgun handily, her tight shirt showed a generous amount of firm breasts leaving her belly bare and a short black skirt with fishnet stockings were covered in very goth looking boots. A pair of dark sunglasses peeked from under the rim of a black top hat. The girl seemed equally stunned by Holly as she looked her over blinking in confusion a second, a second the vampire used to move, knocking the shotgun out of the way he leaped the car and landed on the other side of it, then fell back smashing into the hood of the Taurus as Jerry barreled into him with surprising force.  Holly looked around for her pistol and dived and rolled grabbing it and reaching for another clip as the goth girl without even looking turned shotgun and let loose a tremendous roar and the vampire pitched over and started to slowly crawl as the goth girl moved over and with a “chichink” jacked another shell into the gun and unloaded point blank to the vampires head, making it explode like a melon all over the ground.  Then she turned to holly, her jet black shades reflecting the surprised blonde’s face back at her.




          “Holly?” Crystal asks with a confused tone. She looks Holly over slowly, trying not to be too appreciative of Holly’s new look. “Wow, that dress is so… Hot. Uh, I mean Not! It’s so, *not* you.  Not that I think that look is bad, in fact it’s very well… uhm hot.  But why are you dressed that way?” Crystal was obviously confused by Holly’s more daring clothes. The silk dress clung to every curve Holly possessed and showed it off to great effect blending beautifully with her tanned skin. She had never seen Holly wear high heels but she had to admit how well they showed off her tanned athletic legs. And the hair, though mussed, looked like it was professionally styled rather than combed straight like she normally did. And then there was Jeremiah. He looked like something from her own neighborhood, the hard edged leather jacket and gangsta styled jeans were far different than the flannel and denim duds she was use to him wearing.  But perhaps her biggest surprise came when Holly pointed her pistol at Crystal.


          “I’m not sure why you think you know me, but I don’t know you.  Drop the shotgun now and kneel on the ground with your hands on your head.” Holly’s eyes were ice cold as Crystal looked at her. She was almost taken back by the hostility in Hollys stance and eyes. Crystal obeyed, dropping the shotgun and slowly taking off her hat. “Holly it’s me Crystal. You can’t have forgotten me already, can you?  What’s happened to you?” Crystal slides her free hand into the top hat, gripping something within as she begins to kneel down.


“Just shut up and get on your knees, bitch.” Holly commanded, drawing the hammer back on her berretta 9mm. Crystal smirks and obliges before continuing to speak. “Sure, but if you’re going to threaten me with that, won’t you need these?”

She says as she upends her hat, and spills a 9mm shell and a full clip onto the pavement.


          With that Jeremiah moved with terrifying speed, Crystal barely registered his movements before his fist connected with the side of her head.  A terrifying force and she could tell it was only a fraction of the power he could use.  Still it was enough to send her to the ground and leave her dizzy as a harsh voice she could barely identify as Jeremiah’s growled “ Lets go Holly, no time for the slut when the leeches are coming. We need to get to the jet.” And she heard rustle of cloths and running feet as her own vision cleared, sitting up “ Ow ow ow, HE hit me!  What the fuck is going on, what jet?” She saw a brown car back out of a space and then the large beast roared as it sped towards the garage entrance, she’d seen such cars back on the street, an impala or Buick or some such. Wincing as she got up she remembered hearing about a jet, hearing another vehicle she stepped behind a van just as a black Lincoln came in, people got out, moving with a liquid grace that spoke volumes on their lack of being human, but even as they looked around all they found were their dead hound his head blow apart, damaged vehicles and a empty garage, the quarry was gone.


          Holly looked out the back window as the Lincoln turned into the garage and sighed in relief, she was disturbed about the strange girl who seemed to know her and how in the hell had she managed to get the bullets from her, or did she.  Ejecting the clip with practiced ease she was surprised to see it was indeed empty.  Shaking her head she reached into Jerry’s pocket and got one of his spares and jacked it in then slid the gun back in its place.  Jerry let out a irritated growl at that but considering he was navigating through the streets he let it slide.  Holly was getting a bit worried as it seemed Jerry was getting harder and harder to handle.  She really needed to get him back to Sebastian and let him deal with it; he always knew how to bring Jerry raging emotions under control.  Something Holly wished she cold do, but though she could handle him she would never be able to control Jerry. Shifting again she was quiet as they drove through the streets of Miami.  Things had gone a bit wrong but over all but they had finished the job and hopefully she’d never see Miami again for awhile.  Smiling to herself she watched as they turned into the private entrance to the airport and Jerry showed the guard their I.D’s.  When waived through he taxied the Impala out to the waiting jet, Holly had to giggle a bit considering what that guard must think with a battered old impala going to a private jet.  Slipping out of the car she adjusted her jacket and moved towards the plane, Jerry close on her rear as they moved up  the steps, stopping as they saw a black Lincoln pull up to the gate.  Jerry shoved holly forward making her fall and leaving her shooting a dark glance at him as he slammed the door shut and growled “ Bob get this fucking crate in the air, otherwise we might have to clean the leeches off, and then I’ll be pissed”  With that the jet engines revved and it started to taxi out, sitting up holly got to her feet then and moved towards the seats.


          “ You know Jerry I can get in a plane without a friendly push, I do walk in high heels quite a bit and have become quite adept at them, so lay off next time” Her tone was sharp, she figured a bruise would be on her tush from the shove,  and it irritated her when he was rough with her.  Jerry slumped into a seat and mumbled something, most likely something obscene knowing his mouth but holly just sat and relaxed crossing her elegant legs and trying to center her mind...


          A familiar black top hat, slipped into the seat next to her and sat down with a thump. “Jerry?  Since when would you go by that name, and it’s about the fuck time you tell me what’s going on Holly, getting knocked around is not very nice.  Those leeches might have come after me”


Holly could only turn her head in surprise as the goth chick was sitting next to her chatting away, her hand went for her gun only to find the girl holding it with one finger through the trigger guard in front of her. “What the hell are you?” The goth girl regarded Holly curiously giving her the once over again and frowning.


”You really don’t remember me?  And you’re calling Jeremiah, Jerry. Has someone done something to you?  It would explain the hot outfit; I could never get you to dress like that. Anyways your name is Holly Knight, you work for St. Michaels” Crystal couldn’t help a serious frown when Holly laughed and she narrowed her eyes at her supposed friend.


          “Sorry to disappoint but I’m not Holly Knight nor have I ever used that name,  seems you have mistaken me for someone else who apparently is a nun or something, St Michaels indeed” She smirked a bit as even Jerry from behind them snorted in amusement.  Her working for some church, but this other Holly must look a awfully lot like her if this friend of hers keeps mistaking them, a flash of a Idea sneaks into her  and she smiles lightly to the girl. “So this holly knight must look a lot like me, tell me about her I had heard everyone had a twin in the world, but never expected to run into one much less meet a friend who knew one.” Behind her she sensed Jerrys attention shifting and his interest in the conversation; he must have seen the possibilities as well. If this panned out well she might very well have her way out of Sebastian’s grip and finally she could settle back somewhere and enjoy the money she has earned.  It after all was the only thing that kept her sane through she had endured and done.  She wasn’t sure what to do about Jerry, he wasn’t wired right for a normal quiet life.  But he was her brother and she wouldn’t turn her back on him even if he was why she had gotten sucked into all this.


Crystal blinked at this revelation. This woman wasn’t lying, she really was *not* Holly. But their fates were obviously intertwined, but certainly it was not simply because of their resemblance. And what the hell was that bruiser she had with her? If this woman was a near splitting image of Holly, the bruiser was a subtle montage of Jeremiah, a more sinister mock up of the gentle giant she new Jeremiah to be. All of Crystal’s survival instincts screamed “Trap!”. But then again, she had nowhere to go for a while. That last jump had incurred quite a bit of paradox. Gods only knew where she might end up if she SideStepped again so soon. So she might as well play along for now…


“Holly is a friend of mine, saved my shit lots of times. She’s pretty, like you, and tough. Way tougher’n she looks. But look. Enough about her. If I’ve bugged you or screwed up your ‘vamp lovin’ kinky fuck on a car hood’ shtick, I apologize. As soon as we hit land, I’ll leave you two to your leech-sex stuff.”


“Never really had a taste for that anyway..” She mutters under her breath as she turns back to face forward in her seat.


Holly raised a curious eyebrow and her eyes had smoldering anger for a few seconds.  Forcing herself to be calm she relaxed and smiled again. “I assure you that was a welcome diversion, he had me at a bit of a disadvantage but if I really was enjoying it I doubt I’d have let him be killed much less left you alive with knowledge of it.  But that’s neither here nor there, terribly impolite not to introduce myself.  I’m Holly Montgomery and this is my somewhat moody brother Jerry.  We where in town on business when the leech decided he needed a bite to eat and some fun, thanks to your arrival I’m not lying in a pool of my own blood or worse buried somewhere awaiting to arise the next night.  We are a courier service, that is people pay us to deliver things around the world.  It can be dangerous work at times and some of our customers are less than mortal or even human for some of them.  But the money is very good.  Sorry if I seemed sharp but we do have to worry about security sometimes but as we have finished our job that’s no longer an issue.  And it seems you have brought us an interesting tidbit, do you think this other holly is a relative?  I know I didn’t have any missing brothers or sisters, perhaps a cousin? We where raised in Las Vegas, not really as glamorous  as people think.” She paused now reaching over to poor some wine from a small bar and offering Crystal a glass.


Crystal takes the glass of wine and shrugs. “I’m Crystal, ‘sup? And no, I’ve got no idea if she’s relation or not. Never really swapped family tree’s, ya know? Hell, she didn’t even know she had a brother until he came back from china or some such shit. So anyway, I don’t know a whole hell of a lot. But you guys are like, couriers? That pay real good? I could get in on some action like that.” Crystal starts just talking. These… copies, for lack of a better word, might unwittingly possess some minor clue as to what Genetech wants with her and her friends. Still, they might be plants from Genetech. Or worse, self-aware tools that willingly serve their technocrat masters. Crystal would have to be very careful…


“So, you guys deal with Leeches sometimes huhn? Wild. They scare the shit out of me. Coldhearted mothers, lemme tell ya! How did you find out about them? I mean, it’s not like ‘vampire’ is listed as a real thing in Webster’s or anything.”


          Holly smiled as the girl though no less on guard was less hostile. “Leeches?  The bane of the street, I see by your eyes you’re a woman of some experience.  Well then it won’t terribly upset you when I tell you we started out on the streets of Las Vegas.  Oh I went to school for a period but my family was poor, and my errant brother preferred fighting and selling his skills to gangs and such better than school.  Eventually debt and such forced us onto the street.  Now there I’m sure you know you find all sorts of things, we met vampires, werewolves, even a fae or two.  The first one we ever met of course tried to eat me,  Jerry managed to get him off and occupied but I could tell from his movements he was loosing” Holly couldn’t help a amused smiled when Jerrys grunt of annoyance came from the seats behind them. “By pure chance I stabbed the creature with a broken broom handle and it went all still, thought it was dead didn’t know till much later what it was we had killed that night.  At least I assume it died when morning came.  After that we lived on the street made our way any way we had to.  Sometimes it was a good time, others not so pleasant, the law there is survival all other things are second tier to that.  We got lucky found a job with some less the law abiding folk and found money in getting things taken from point A to point B.  We where good, Jerry protects and I manage, we make a good team.  Eventually we went legit and the rest as they say is history.  We live well, we do what we want when we want,  it’s a freedom of sorts at least as much as anyone gets really.  What about Crystal, what’s your story?”


Crystal smiles and motions to the glass again. “Sounds the same, I’m sure. Dropped out and ran away right after I turned 14. Found out how much the streets really suck. I was lucky though. My sis really watched my back. Until I could get on my feet that is. I hung out with her little gang. We would beg, borrow, or steal what we could. Somehow we even kept the pimps and pushers off of us. She even kept me a virgin until I was 16… Anyway, so I ran into Holly sometime before that. She was from the same school as the one I went to. She also knew my sister, so…  So we started hanging around and getting into trouble. I guess I could go legit and settle down. But, you know, it *is* a thing about being free, ain’t it? Fuck them and their rules.” Crystal says starting a huge mischievous grin. “I make my own.”


          Darkness clouded Hollys eyes for a minute as crystal talked, remembering her own time on the streets. “You where lucky to have your sister, I lost mine to a john. Yes I was a prostitute for awhile, of course it started out as mere exotic dancing and moved on.” Then a flicker of a smile lit Hollys face “but I couldn’t agree more, freedom is everything and their rules need to be shoved up their tight wad asses.  You went to the same school as my twin?  She sounds a little….different from us, I don’t mean to insult your friend but I had the impression she was somewhat religious.  Was it a private religious school?  I’ve heard bad things about those.  Of course having gone to a public school for the time I did we always heard things about those catholic schools.” Holly seems to regard crystal for a bit then smiled warmly. ”how would you like to see what we do?  We have to check in with our boss but then perhaps you’d like to make a run with us?  And truth be told I’d love to meet this twin of mine It’s not often you get to meet someone who looks like your twin sister.”

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