Blood Rose

        Alana and Silver where living with some foster parents when Alana's power fully exposed itself. Silver was holding a party for bunch of his friends, and being ever watchful, Alana was there. Alana was having the time of her life, talking to those who she thought where the powers behind the splatter punks. When flirting with this handsome man she had a weird sensation come over her. She could almost smell the power coming from him. A hunger started in her, and it was growing rapidly. The guy asked her if she was okay, then she couldn't control it any longer. She jumped the guy knocking them both to the ground. The man grabbed her wrists but not before she left five bloody welts down his face. Then she felt herself drawing something out of him. It tasted like a sweet wine as it poured into her, she couldn't stop it. He roughly threw Alana off him and onto a coffee table. People where shocked all around. The man staggered to his feet and drew a large automatic pistol. Silver arriving at this time saw that this man was drawing a gun on his "kid" sister and telekinetically threw the gun from his hand. The man started to chant in a weird language, Silver realizing he was about to cast a spell grabbed Alana and dragged her through the hallway towards the front door.

        A Massive blast ripped down the hallway. Silver managed to get him and Alana out of the door, behind her the door burst into a thousand pieces. Knocking both them to their knees. The mage came out of the house a small retinue of people with him. He grabs Silver by the back of the shirt and smashes Silver into his knee. Silver cries out once and is quiet. He then reaches down and grabs Alana by her hair. Slowly wrapping it around his fist as he drew her to her feet.

        "Mind Fucking Whore, you'll pay for daring to try and drain me." With that he turns and says a word, and a ball of fire streaks into the house. The house bursts into flame. He turns back to the assembled people. "This bitch pays tonight." Alana thankfully blacked out.

        Alana slowly painfully awakes, all around her is dark. A musty dry smell invades the area. It is quiet all around, except for a faint scratching on rock sound. She painfully get to her knees, and looks around. She realizes then that she is in a Crypt of some kind. The coffin rests on a small pedestal in the center of the room. Alana carefully examines herself in the faint light coming form the moon through a grate in the ceiling. Her blouse was mostly ripped up. Her ribs ached terribly, one of her legs had a shallow cut on it. Her head hurt, most likely a slight concussion. Her hair was filthy, her neck was sore. She faintly remembers someone choking her at one point. Her skirt is okay though filthy as hell. She strips off the remainder of her blouse and rips it up to make bandages for her leg. She carefully pulls down her slip top and examines the damage done to her ribs. Two of them hurt enough to the slightest touch she knows they are broken. Pulling the slip back up she checks the door to see if it will open it seems locked from the other side. So she moves around the room looking for an exit. That when she hears the grinding of stone coming from the back of the crypt...

        Moving slowly around the coffin, Alana sees a rotting corpse climbing out of the floor. Her mind just paralyzes, She knows corpse aren't suppose to walk, but this one was. After it gets out then another one come out, then another. A total of five crawl from the hole in the floor. A dry but high voice come from the hole. "Seize her" The corpses shamble forward two on one side three on the other. Alana finally breaks from her terror induced paralyses and rushes to the door banging on it, screaming for help.

        At the touch of dry rotting flesh on her shoulder she whirls around and kicks the the thing. Breaking free of it she dashes into another one. One grabs her on the arm, another grabs her other arm. The other two grasp her kicking legs, effectively immobilizing her. A dark cloaked figure approaches her, and again the voice issues out.

        " Hello, Alana it's been a long time. You might not remember me, but I remember you." The voice is strangely familiar to Alana but she can't quite place it. "So the pretty little princess of west Saltin seems to have gotten herself hurt. aaahhhh that's to bad. Wasn't your guardian Silver there to protect you." The figure seems to chuckle. "Well I've got something very special planned for you my friend. Tonight you will help me become one of the most powerful Necromancers in Lake Vega." The figure turns and starts back to the hole. "Bring her to the lab, Sleep now Princess." Alana's senses seem to all fade to darkness.

        As She awakens laying on a pedestal much like the one the coffin was resting on. The undead hold her spread eagle. Alana feels dizzy and good. She realizes she feels drunk, and more than a little frightened. The figure turns around and walks toward her.

        "AH, my pretty princess has awaken. How do you feel, a little drunk maybe. I have let you feed without restraint on a couple of Supernatural enemies of mine. I plan to take all that energy from you. Upon your death your energy will effectively double. I will have mammoth amounts of power to play with. OH, but don't worry Princess, I'm not forgetting you. I'm going to raise your body, you will make a nice present to my faithful servant. He likes his women cold, and as pretty as you are, I don't think he'll have problems with you being dead at all." the cloaked figure laughs horrible.

        Alana stares around the room in horror. She doesn't know what's worst the thought of dieing or knowing that her body will be violated after her death. Without thought she lashes out with her foot. Strength born from terror and desperation, she manages to kick one of the zombies away from her and kick her foot out knocking another one loose. She manages to slide out from the grasp of the other two. She then launches her self on to the cloaked figure. they both fall to the ground. In the struggle the hood of the cloak falls from it's head, and Alana stares in shock at a face she once knew as a friend. Lathee Stares up at her with cold, black eyes. "Surprised Alana, I know it's been a long time Ever since I and Silver had our falling out. I hope you didn't take this too personally." With that she yells for her slaves. Alana doesn't know quite what to do. This is one of Silvers best friends, as well as hers. She knows if she doesn't do something though she will be killed for Lathee's lust for power, and even after death she will be a slave to Lathee's will.

        Alana smashes her fist down on Lathee's face, then claws at her as putrid hands grab Alana and pull her off. She manages to scratch Lathee, and pull a small revolver from her belt. Once again she feels the sweet tasting wine fill her senses. She hears Lathee's cry of rage. " You will suffer for that Princess, I will cut out your heart. but at least I'll get more than what you took back, Bitch."

        Alana knowing that everything is lost for herself, raises the gun and unloads it into Lathee knocking her body across the room. The zombies confused because the lack of connection to their master, don't stop Alana as she tears free and shoves through the door, and into the early morning light. Running across the cemetery she reaches the far gate and falls down exhausted. Tears poor down her face as she realizes what's she done. And she just leans against the gate her sorrow pouring out of her. Gentle hands rest on her shoulders and a familiar voice whispers in her ear. "I've got you Alana. I found you at last. I'm taking you home." Silver puts his arm around her shoulders and takes her home.

        The doctor came and examined Alana. She had two broken ribs, multiple bruises, slight concussion, minor cut on right leg, and had been raped repeatedly. She was given some sedatives and laid to rest. Alana dreams where of cruel mages, locked crypts, and evil necromancers. She tossed an turned even with the sedatives. She awoke in the morning with a terrible scream. She realized that she was in someone's house. She remembers their foster parents house being burned down and the man who hurt her. She got up and took a long shower, looked into the closet for her clothes, and was surprised to see a bunch of her things. She changed into jeans and t-shirt and went down stairs. She then realized that the house belonged to her friend Naomi Korowitz. A lawyer that deals with foster children, she didn't remember coming here.

        In the dining room sat Silver drinking some thing out of a bottle, "old Jenks" Alana thought. He looked up an smiled beckoned for her to come in. She came in and took a seat, and She noticed that he had a nasty bruise on his forehead. "Hi Alana, how are you feeling this morning, Princess." Alana flinches remembering a more sinister voice calling her that.

        "Please don't call me that. I'm sorry Silver but I think I hurt a friend of yours" Silver looked up sharply " Who Alana, Who would that be."

        "Lathee, I'm sorry Silver but she was going to kill me for the energy I seem to store somehow." Alana looks down ashamed.

        "Alana I care about you more than Lathee, what was between us was over a long time ago, Anyways she tried to kill you. You just defended yourself from her." Silver looks down in silent mourning.

        "What Happened Silver, I barely remember anything." Alana looks up at him with a confused expression on her face. That's when Silver noticed her eyes. Alana use to have the prettiest hazel eyes. Now they where a Deep violet color. He wonders at what made the change.

        "You really don't want to know Rose. What they did to you, I'm mean I woke up half way through. I wished that you were dead so you didn't wake up with what they did." Silver looks down tears forming in his eyes from the memory.

        "Silver you must tell me. It was ME they where doing it to." Alana eyes almost seem to glow with her anger.

        "Ok Alana, I woke up while Gunther was raping you. When he was done he kicked and beat you. Then he said they where going to lock you up in a crypt and let you die." Silver looks away ashamed at letting Alana go through all that.

        "Oh Silver, that was mild to what happened in the crypt. At least your right I really did not want to be awake for all that." Alana seems to get a haunted look in her face.

        "Well don't think about it Rose. In time it will fade. We need to think to the future now." Silver gets up and starts pacing around the table.

        Alana realizes that they are in serious trouble. After all this was the tenth foster home this year. Mrs. Korowitz was most likely was going to send them to juvenile hall. In this territory that was a fate worse than the street. In there the law was survival of the strongest. Weakness was not something you exhibited. Alana knows that some type of action is required, when they hear a knock on the door. Silver looks up with a puzzled expression on his face.

        "Naomi said she wasn't expecting anyone. Who in the abyss could that be." Silver quickly moves to his coat and with draws his pistol. Then starts moving towards the door, just as it explodes inward. Two large creatures smash in. destroying everything in the entry hall. Alana realizes where she has seen these things before. At her initiation she had seen to large creatures like these guarding some Splatter punk officer. She had asked Silver what they were and he had called trolls. Now they where coming down the hall towards her and silver.

        "ALANA RUN, I'll hold them off." Silver draws a bead and opens fire with a loud roar from his gun. The troll he aimed at doesn't even slow down as he rampages forward. Alana quickly runs to the kitchen, then heads for the back door. The door bursts off it's hinges as a large man enters.

        "Ahhhh, I think your the one where after. Come a long little hound. I wouldn't want to have to hurt you." He pulls out a set of restraints.

        Alana grabs for a knife, and lunges at the man with it. He easily side steps and grabs her wrist, Feeling the cold metal like grip she new he was cybered. With a wrench he jerked her arm around, the strength of his pull left no doubt to Alana that he was more than a match for her.

        The man twists her arm around and squeezed her wrist until she let go of the knife. He then started to put the restraints on just as the kitchen door burst in. A troll smashed into the counter and started to get back up. Silver came running through the door. Seeing the man holding Alana he brings his pistol back up.

        "Let go of her now, troll lover. Or of course you can just die." Silver pulls the hammer back on his pistol.

        The man laughs harshly, then his grin widens. Silver realizes to late that there is a chanting behind him. Before he can react the chanting stops and bands of mystic force seem to surround him, paralyzing him completely. In the room walks a familiar figure. The man has five scars down his face and a real cruel expression.

        "Well it seems our paths keep crossing don't they my little Mind Fuckers. I can't say that I'm here for pleasure, just biz. It seems some friends of mine are interested in this little bitch. I thought that all was at a end cause I had taken care of her. Imagine my surprise when I here that she got out, and was alive and well." He glances around then motions for the troll to leave. He then yells something back into the other room. There is a stomping in there to

        "Well it would be wonderful to stay here and chat dear Silver, but Rose and I have an appointment with some Shred Head friends of mine." He motions for the big guy to take Alana. " Sorry Silver but I can't afford you following us." Without a word he pulls a gun and shoots silver in the gut. Then he walks out the door.

        Alana was led to a car out front. were she is held and, she hears a shot from inside and then the Mage walks out. She screams Silvers name, but the mage gestures and she feels a sharp pain in her head the everything goes black.

        Alana comes out of the haze of unconsciousness, to here voices outside the car. Looking around the inside of it. At once she sees the cyborg sitting across from her. His eyes seemed to be glowing red in the darkness of the car. Sitting up she rubbed the back of her head to try and get the ache to go away.

        "Glad to see your awake hound. They just about got the deal done for you." Cyborg shifted around to face her.

"What deal are you referring to? and why do you keep calling me a hound?" Alana shifted a little self conciously.

        "Well I call you A hound because that's what you are, and the deal is for you. Ya know you as in person." He chortles. The door opens all of a sudden, and the mage looks in. "Get out girl, your new owners want to see you." He grabs her arm roughly and pulls her out.

        "Well you never mentioned what a pretty thing she is. Your sure she's hound material?" A man in a long black trench coat came to stand in front of her.

        "Of course, I felt her power myself. And I thought you would be pleasantly surprised at her looks." the mage said with a sly grin.

        "Of course, of course, I'm pleased with it. But you know the pretty ones always seem to cause problems with the troops." He started walking around Alana.

        "AH just do it the easy way and get it out of their system early. Let them have their fun." The mage looks appraisingly at Alana. "I know from experience that she nice."

        "HHHmm welllll. I try not to let my troops fall into that much lack of discipline." the Man lifted up Alana's hair and ran it through his hand. "I'll take her. At the agreed upon price."

        "Good, I'm sure your hound Squads will benefit from her abilities. She is untrained so you would be able to mold her as you see fit." Alana hearing this new her fate was sealed. At this point she had nothing left to loose. She slammed her foot into the mans foot, grabbed him and pushed him into the mage all in one fluid move. Then took off running down the street.

        She heard shouts behind her, but didn't stop to find out what was happening. Coming up to a corner she rounded it, and bounced off a an invisible wall. Falling down she looks up and sees a thin man standing there. He smiles, and looks her over. "So your the new hound are you. HHHMMMM Palmer usually doesn't buy ones as pretty as you. Oh well it will give the troops a moral boost."

        About this time the two trolls round the corner, seeing one of their own, they slow down to a walk. "really Wharg, you and your brother usually aren't this messy. I will have to report this to your sergeant." The man turns back to Alana. " Well Rose, My name is Roeghar. I am as you most likely figured am A mind melter. Glad to meet you and to welcome you on the team." With that he turns and walks off.

        The Trolls grab Alana and roughly drag her back to the cars. There she is restrained again, and forced into the back of a car. There the trolls sit with her on either side. Alana feels nothing but a cold fear in the pit of her stomach. The man called Palmer, gets into the vehicle. Alana hears a faint metallic jingle from under his trench. the mans aftershave wafts around the car. Alana finds it extremely repulsive.

        "Well my dear, it looks like your on my side now. Well I'd like you to know that I don't put up with anything. You are now my property, I own you. I Will punish you accordingly if you cross me." Palmer looks out the window of the car as the Alternative Rendezvous Point goes by. He frowns at the sight.

        Alana looks up at him studying him, then she decides to try and reason with him. "Please sir, I don't understa..."

        Palmer signals with his hand while Alana talks, and Wharg slams Alana in the face. Pain lances through her jaw, and the world goes blurry. "That's for talking without permission. If I don't give you leave to do something you don't do it. Now shall we get down to business. I have bought you because of your unique abilities. You are a Psi- stalker, you have the ability to track psychic energy, magical energy, And super natural creatures. That is why you are here. You will be part of one of my teams."

        Palmer then went back to staring out the window of the car, Alana not wanting to risk anymore beatings just looked out the window. She noticed that they where entering Shred head territory. 'What now, how the hell am I going to get out of here.' was the thought that kept running through her mind.

        They arrive at a strange compound just outside of town. Alana knew this had to be on the very edge of Shred Head territory. The place had tall walls and a suit of some kind of power armor was at the entrance. Alana knew they they had to be well connected to be able to find, much less afford power armor.

        The suit was about 10ft tall and was metallic black with a silver dragon symbol on it's chest. On one shoulder the numbers NG-X9 where written. The Armor waved them through without stopping them. inside the compound was large and spacious. A set of dirty brown buildings where off to the south. To the west was a large Hanger type building, to the north a three story house rested, strangely out of place here. Alana heard another vehicle entering and turned around to look. Coming in was a brand new Scorpio JX34 sport truck entering. It pulled up to the hanger building and a the familiar figure of Roeghar got out. Three other people also got out of the back. The silver dragon emblem was also on the truck.

        The car pulled around to the front of house and stopped there. Palmer got out then stuck his hand back in, Grabbing Alana's arm he practically yanked her out of the car. Turning he motioned to Roeghar to come over. "He boss man what's up. I live but to serve." Bowing deeply before Palmer Roeghars eyes never left Alana's face.

        "Quit the crap Roeghar. Take the bitch, she's your replacement hound. Take her over to Kalnix for her collar then get her setup." Without another word Palmer turns and enters the house.

        "Well we meet again lovely lady, but what happened to your jaw... HHHMMM looks like somebody belted you good. Who was it?" Roeghar looks intently into Alana's eyes. She feels him almost rushing into her head. A queasy sensation comes over her and she feels him just start sorting through her thoughts. Panicking she realizes that he is reading her mind. With a great force of will she manages to calm down and attack his mental probe.

        "Well you do have spunk, but to late." Turning to look at Wharg, Roeghar says. "Wharg I know your Palmers bodyguard, but if you ever lay a hand on her again I'll kill you." With out waiting for a reply Roeghar grabs Alana's elbow and takes her off towards a strange tower like building she didn't notice before.

        At the door Roeghar turns Alana around and releases the restraints on her hands. He then says a strange word and the door to the tower opens. He then marches Alana into the tower. Inside is a chaotic collection of what Alana can only assume to be Prerifts Artifacts. She can't even tell what most of them are for. The room has a strange apple smell to it. Roeghar bellows out "Kalnix, get your lazy Walker ass out here NOW!"

        A strange tinkling laughter surrounded them both, and a sense of power came into the room. Then in a puff of green sour smelling dust a midsized creature appeared. He look faintly wolf like but stood on two legs. He really didn't have a snout like a wolf. but his ears where just like one. His fur was blue colored with green highlights.

        "Well hehehe, It seems you brought me lunch, how kind of you Roeghar." Kalnix started walking around Alana.

        "No 'nix, She's not for dinner. Alana this is Kalnix, 'nix this is Alana my new Hound." Roeghar presents Alana like some prize.

        "Well now she doesn't look a thing like a hound hehe, they usually walk on four legs and have long droopy ears." 'nix laughs uncontrollably at his own joke.

        "'nix's cut the comedy line, She need a collar. Come on lets get her setup with one. I only have two days to get her ready." With that Roeghar grabs Alana's elbow and pulls her up the stairs. Upon entering the top room Alana senses are assaulted with the sweet taste of power. Alana knows that Kalnix's is a powerful man. Roeghar leads her over to a chair in the west part of the room. "Sit hear Alana, 'nix's will be hear in awhile with the collar." Roeghar then sits on a stool.

        "What does this... uuummmm.... Collar do?" Alana decides to try and find out as much information as she can.

        "ha,ha,ha Thinking of escape already, Alana? You haven't even seen our living conditions yet." Roeghar looks at her more closely, Alana realizes she has his undivided attention. " The collar allows us to track you, as well keeps you from disobeying a command. It also will shield you from outside influences. Such as Magic or Psionic."

        "Wait a minute here. I have to obey every command one of your people give?" A cold chill seems to run down her spine. The thought of just having some one tell her to do something, and having no choice but to do it scares Alana deep in her soul.

        "No not everyone, just the people higher rank than you. Like me, Palmer, 'nix, Palmer's staff, Milinia, and your sergeant which is Ghost my second in command. The other teams will have no authority over you." Roeghar stops talking as Kalnix appears in his flourish of green dust.

        "AAAHHHH here we are. I've even got designer colors for you to choose from Alana. Now what will it be. We have Silver, silver, and silver hhhmmmm... Well which one." Kalnix seems to tap his foot impatiently.

        "uuuhh I'll take silver thank you." Alana looks at the Mage wonderingly. 'How could a man with such power oozing from him be a complete scatterbrain.' Alana thinks to her self.

        "Good, Good Silver it is, now just lean forward would you." Alana has no choice but to obey for it she doesn't they'll just force her to do it. Bending forward she feels Kalnix move next to her and something cold slides around her neck. She hears a snap of the latch. And all of a sudden the collar contracts to fit snuggly around her neck. A searing pain shoots through her head, She falls out of the chair as her whole world is taken up with pain. It felt as if something was trying to drive it's self into her brain. She faintly heard Roeghar telling her not to fight it. But Alana couldn't do anything but fight it. The device was devouring her mind, taking and not giving anything back. She felt herself being drawn into the Maelstrom and couldn't fight any longer. Blackness descended on her. The cool comfort of unconsciousness.

        Alana comes slowly awake realizing she is laying in a bed. The room is a small cramp place. There is a dresser and a footlocker. A desk stands against the far wall. Next to her sits Roeghar.

        "Well you finally decide to awaken did you. I must say I've never seem anyone fight that as much as you did." Roeghar looks out the open window. The sounds of people come back through. " Well the damage is done we can..." Alana quickly cuts in.

        "Damage? What are you talking about, what have you basterds done to me!" Alana shrieks

        "Impatient little Vixen aren't you. Well nothing has been done to you personally. We just have lost a whole day prepare you. Come on get up it's time to get you outfitted." Alana realizes that without her even thinking about it, her body moves to stand up at his command. Taking her hand he leads her out of the building and down the hall. Leaving this building which Alana assumes is the Barracks they walk over towards the Hanger building.

        Upon getting clearance from the guard they enter. Inside is a whirlpool of sensations. Looking around she sees vehicles galore. There are motorcycles, cars, trucks, A.T.V's, A coalition APC, two more suits of that NG-X9 Power Armor, and to Alana's astonishment she sees two Lake Vega Police issue Glitter buggy's and a suit of riot control Glitterboy armor. Roeghar leads her over to another door. There he pulls out a card and swipes it through. Pulling her in he starts over to some hangers containing cloths.

        "Well lets see about what size are you? HHmmmm let's say a six or seven. there for this one should fit you." Roeghar pulls out a pair of Khaki shorts and shirt. Then he pulls her over to another rack. Here are what appears to be dress uniforms. Pulls out a jacket and blouse, also a skirt. Handing everything to her he points towards another door. "Go in there get cleaned up. Dress in your field uniform, and will get you the rest of your equipment." giving her a little push sends her on her way.

        Alana enters the room, and upon seeing a bath sighs. She turns on the bath and then strips off her Jeans and shirt. Just then Roeghar walks in. Alana quickly grabs her shirt and covers her self. "Oh shit girl, You haven't got anything I haven't seen a million other places. Now give me your jeans and shirt." Roeghar holds out his hands and Alana unable to control her own actions picks up her jeans and gives them to him, and drops the shirt into his hands. He grabs them and with one appraising look over Alana he turns to leave. " But I don't think I usually get see them that Pretty." Laughing he walks out as Alana blushes deeply. Then turns and climbs into the bath.

        After the bath she pulls back on her under cloths and and gets into the shorts and shirt. Then picking up the other uniform she leaves. Standing outside Roeghar hands her a light Jacket. The motions for her to come a long.

        Once again they enter out into the Hanger and go to another door. The same card swipe and their in. Here Alana is shocked by the rack upon rack of weapons. Roeghar takes her over to a strange rack of swords. picking one he hands it to her.

        "Here is your primary Weapon. This is a Vibro-sword, This baby will cut through even Splang armor. Very dangerous, be careful with it." Turning around he starts down the rows. Alana knows with a terrible certainly What she must do. Feeling the grip turn hot in her grasp she hits the button to start the sword and jumps forward and swings with all her might at Roeghars unprotected neck. Just as the sword gets within critical range A Searing pain shoots up her arm paralyzing it. The sword drops from her nerveless fingers. Roeghar turns slowly around, taking in the sight of Alana standing there head down, hair covering her face trembling.

        "You should have guessed we would take precautions against our slaves, from attacking us. Very foolish girl, what would you have done then. You still had nowhere to go, you need to learn that there is a time to fight and a time to wait. Now pick that thing up, and put it in this sheath." Roeghar hands her a utility belt. On it also is a holster and pouches for other things. Leading her on down he picks up a Acros 9mm. Checking the clip he slams it back into place and tosses it to her. He also goes over to a crate and pulls out two more clips, full like the first one. Then coming over to her he helps her put on the belt and place everything accordingly. Showing her how the sword belt loops over shoulder. Resting the sword along her back. "You are know a member of the Silver Dragon's first tactical recon unit. We are getting ready for a mission in a day. Can you use these things?."

        Alana looks up at him tears still in her eyes, She knows that she would have died if she had killed him if not worse, but it's hard to face someone you just tried to kill. "Ye..yes I'll be able to handle them." And Alana wonders if she will ever able to pull that sword again.

        "Good, lets go do some sparring, you'll like Jasmine she's much like you. In fact she tried the same stunt you did." Gently leading her out the door, Alana wonders if anything in her life will be the same.


        Palmer stood and looked at the assembled group. He turns and switches on a holovid. Looking back at the group he clears his throat. All conversation ends.

        "OK boys and girls here's the task. This picture is of Grendlar Moybuis a shifter of some power. We have been contacted by Arcotech to take this guy down. I've chosen your team as the ones to do it."

        "Uh excuse me palmer, but as second in command of this team, I must protest this mission. This looks like serious stuff, and we have an inexperienced hound with us. That could get us all in trouble." Ghost looks around and the other members nod in agreement.

        "Rose is an excellent hound. I've tested her yesterday and she has excellent tracking abilities. You will proceed with the mission. My I introduce Blaze, President Nexus's personal aide. and military commander of Acrotech." Palmer steps down as a large figure enters the room. A total hush falls over the room as all of them look at the tall powerfully built felinoid form of Blaze. His black and White fur gleaming in the holovid light.

        "It is very good to meet you all. I was the one who set up this mission with General Palmer here. If I thought you couldn't handle it I never would have commissioned General Palmer. Grendlar is a very dangerous man, he is protected by the Degens in sector 59 somewhere. We do not know his exact position, but with your Stalkers tracking ability should be able to find him. You'll strike at night, the Degen's will be all around guarding him. You are to Kill him and destroy his lab." Blazes then looks to Palmer, and leaves.

        "We have a very tight timetable here people. We'll go in tonight, By midnight you have to have him shut down. Now go get some sleep we got a long night ahead of us." With that palmer strides out of the room.

        Roeghar stands up looking at each one of the team. "OK team I'm going to all take some time to introduce you to Alana Rose. She's the knew Hound. Alana come up here. Alana slowly gets to her feet and moves to the center of the room. She then looks out at the others. Ghost is a human looking debee that along his edges he almost seems to dim, though extremely muscular. Jasmine is the other hound, a ugly women who is extremely quick with a sword. Her scarred face rates her a veteran here, around her neck though, rests the silver collar. Milinia who was beauty incarnate, who Alana had heard was a Leyline Walker training under Kalnix. And Wolfmar a giant man with a wolf's head. His penetrating eyes seem to draw Alana in and not let her go. She had heard he was the last of a race of Debee's that was destroyed by some ancient race. Then group slowly gets up and files out. Wolfmar stops in front of her and grins, letting her see his long sharp teeth.

        "Glad to meet you Rose, it's about time we got somebody pretty besides that Bitch Milinia. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of each other." With that Wolfmar Strides from the room.

        Roeghar takes Alana by the elbow and steers her out. Leading her towards the Barracks. "Get some rest Alana your going to have a real long night. It's a new moon, Bad Omen for this mission. I'll need you in tip top shape for this." With that he strides away from her back towards Palmers house. Alana looks up to where the moon is hiding, she feels a shiver of dread come over her. 'Something bads going to happen tonight I know it.' Is the thought that keeps running through her mind. Four hours until muster she better get some more sleep.

        At 10:00 they headed out into the city, all loaded up into the Scorpio. Alana found out that this truck was their standard transport. It was small and cramped, Alana somehow got stuck next to Wolfmar. He always managed to bump against her when ever the truck hit a bump. They headed down into the government Sector then over into Degen territory.

        Once here they moved a little more cautiously, the creatures in this area where mostly night predators. Moving over to 32nd street they came across a degen party. they promptly turned another direction. The air seemed to have a anticipation atmosphere to it. Everybody was really on edge. Then they came over to sector 59, the area was unusually quiet and energy seemed to almost crackle in the air.

        They all unloaded, and armored up. Roeghar passed out flak jackets to everyone. Then he motioned for them to get over next to the buildings, the air tasted dry. Once over there Roeghar looked them over. " Ok here's the plan two teams. Me, Alana and Wolfmar in one and Ghost, Milinia, and Jasmine in the other. We'll sweep the sector north south you guys go east and west. Let's move out and keep in touch via com channel 4"

        The groups started moving out in different directions. The night was quiet, but definitely not peaceful. moving quietly but quickly next to the buildings they proceeded down the sector. Roeghar had Alana lead watching her for any sign that there was to much energy running around. When they got to the corner of Hamilton and Galahan they saw the other team motioning for them to come over. That's when Alana got the first whiff of the power building, and it almost made her sink to her knees. A strong arm went around her waist and helped her stand strait. Alana looking around saw Wolfmar standing there. Thanking him she quickly pushed away from him and moved to catch up with the rest of the group.

        "Ok team here's the plan. Team one consisting of Me and Milinia, team two - Ghost and Jasmine, team three - Wolfmar and Alana." Alana hearing her named called with wolfmar and  pales slightly. She doesn't know what it is but the wolfman bothers her, but Roeghar calls the shots and thanks too the silver collar around her neck she had to obey his command. Roeghar continues his battle plan.

        "Ok team two will approach from the north enter by that door. Will sweep the bottom floor, team one you'll be entering from the roof sweeping down the third floor. Team three you'll be entering via the fire escape onto the second floor to sweep it. Everybody keep in touch. If we find nothing then proceed to the ground floor." Roeghar looks at each of them, almost as if he's committing them all to memory. Then gives the move sign.

        Alana and Wolfmar move around to the ally and quietly stalk down it. The smell of rotting garbage waifs through the area, The darkness surrounds them except for the very faint moonlight from the new moon. A shiver of fear races down her spine as the darkness seems to get even denser. They find the fire escape and wolfmar slings his rifle. With a graceful jump he reaches the ladder and pulls himself up a little ways. He looks down and motions to her. Alana moves forward and jumps up and grabs his hand. He effortlessly pulls her up next to him. Alana suddenly gets very uncomfortable being next to him, the fear slithers out of her belly. Wolfmars hand seems to unconsciously brush her left breast, and his eyes seem to glow red in the darkness. He pushes her up pass him. She practically jumps forward as his hand gives her ass of squeeze.

        Whirling around Alana glares at him as he climbs up. He just smiles widely and proceeds up to the second floor. Here they find a fire door, which wolfmar promptly picks with a pick lock that seemed to come out of no where. Then opens the door, pulling down his rifle he moves into the room quickly checking both directions. Then moves down to the left, moving quietly. Alana steps in and lets her eyes adjust to the darkness, she faintly makes out Wolfmars form turning a corner. Silently cursing she rushes forward to catch up with him.

        Just as Alana rounds the corner a massive explosion rocks the building and gunfire blares out of the darkness. She can tell it's coming from both below and above. Checking for wolfmar which she can't see she moves forward. Just then her comlink awakens.

        [Sheesh]..[squawk] " Wolfmar, Rose get out, I repeat GET OUT. It's a set-up we're pulling out. MOVE BOYS AND GIRLS. Meet at th..." And a loud explosion tears through the speaker.

        Alana looks around wildly for Wolfmar, she even calls out his name. Fearing the worst and unable to disobey a order she turns a flees toward the alley door. The explosions and gunfire continue from both directions. As she just reaches the door a large form of a man-wolf blocks it.

        "Oh, Wolfmar I'm glad to see you. Roeghar called it off it's a set-up, lets get out of here." Trying to push past him, Alana is suprised when his hand grabs her and spins her around into the wall. For a moment she thinks that It's not Wolfmar, but the light from the other room pours onto his face just enough she can see his features. "Wolfmar Wha.." he then moves forward and presses her against he wall, she notices that he seems cold to the touch. Then he speaks to her, his voice changed much more sinister. "Ah, Alana my dear rose. I've waited for this, ever since a friend of mine promised you to me. Oh yes this was a set-up, MINE!" His fetid breath washes over her as she struggles in vain in his crushing grip. He pulls her arms around her back, then smiles his canines glistens in the faint light. "You remember Lathee don't you, You will be happy to know that she's alive and well. It's her forces that take care of our friends, and I was left to take care of you. Don't worry it won't hurt at all. In fact you will enjoy this."

        With that Wolfmar lowers his head to her neck and Alana feels his tongue come out and lick her neck. She shivers in digust, knowing that this would be the most terrible thing to happen to her. Then as she feels the pricks of pain her throat, she knows that it's going to much worse that rape or death. She feels him start sucking and then pure sexual pleasure rushes through her body. Sex is something she's familiar with but never the this awful way. But the sexual currents lift up her soul and wash it down through her. Losing all sense of reality the last thing she feels is the slumping of her body to the floor and the slurping of Wolfmar, as he drinks her blood.

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