Engl 565-01: American Genre (Novel)

Fall Semester 2006

Writing Assignments

TTh 11:00-12:15, Grubbs 312

Instructor: Dr. K. Nichols

E-mail: knichols11@cox.net

Paper #1

Due: 10/19
Length: 5 typed pages
Topic: Write a comparison-contrast paper based on one of the following topics:

Although you may use some of the material we discussed in class, try to add your own examples or analysis to it by going into it in more detail than we did or by finding examples we did not look at in class or by making connections with other aspects of the novel than those made in class discussions.

NOTE: Although you will be focusing on your designated characters, make sure that you also view them in relation to major themes, characters, and/or actions in the novels.

Paper #2

Due: 11/30
Length: 5 typed pages
Topic: Faulkner, Chopin, Hurston, or Hemingway. More information will be posted here at a later date.


NOTE: Most or perhaps all of the introduction will be your own writing,
but it is OK to include a short paraphrase/quotation, properly cited.

NOTE: I hate skimpy body paragraphs that are only 1-2 sentences
long; put some meat on those bones--another 6-8 sentences of
details and examples and explanations, please!)

NOTE: In a short paper, do not repeat your sub-points--much too repetitious.

MLA Style Documentation

If you consult any outside sources, you must include references to them in your paper. Also use standard in-text citation (author and page), and put the source information on a separate bibliography page (labeled "Works Cited"). Follow MLA directions.

See this short summary of MLA style: Using Modern Language Association (MLA) Format, created by the Purdue University Online Writing Lab. It gives the basic "rules" for in-text citation and bibliographies, including how to list electronic sources.

Also check MLA Style: MLA Style: Frequently Asked Questions.

For more detailed information on MLA style, consult a hardcopy of the "official" MLA Handbook.

Typing Directions:

Use Times New Roman font, size 11 or 12. Double-space everything--no exceptions. One inch margins on all sides. Put your last name and page number in top-right corner (1/2 inch from top).

On the first page, in the top-left corner, put your name, your instructor's name, the class name and number, and the date. Below that, in the center of page, add a title.

See an MLA example: Paper Format--Example.

Put all documentation on a separate page and follow MLA directions.