Engl. 772-35 Period in Literature:
American Realism


Contexts: Cultural and Historical

1. Overviews of the Period

2. Labor Unrest and Reform

3. Tenement Life and Immigration Issues

4. Birth Control and Sexuality

Charles Dana Gibson cartoon

"The Weaker Sex" by Charles Dana Gibson

5. The New Woman, Suffragists, Gibson Girls

'World's Fair' painting by Childe Hassam

"Horticultural Building, World's Fair, Chicago" by Childe Hassam

6. World's Fair, Cultural Exhibits, Urban Planning

7. Urban Art: Gilded Age Impressionists and the Ash Can School

Childe Hassam, 'Winter in Union Square'

"Winter in Union Square" by Childe Hassam
(Impressionist urban scene)

Bellows, 'Men of the Docks'

"Men of the Docks" by George Bellows
(Ash Can urban scene)

8. Social Darwinism, Robber Barons, and Muckrakers

9. Afro-American Issues

10. The West: Native Americans and the End of the Frontier

Wounded Knee Massacre:

Additional Resources:


Theodore Roosevelt in the West

11. The Conservation Movement

12. American Imperialism and the Spanish-American War

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