The Journal of Ielenia Galanodel and Company

Written directly from Lady Ielenia's notes


Chapter 1: Adventurers Assemble

Chapter 2: Night of the mad Gods

Chapter 3: Northreach AGAIN!

Chapter 4: Gods bearing gifts, never trust them

Chapter 1

               Rescued from capture and my heart enthralled by a handsome paladin, sounds like things where going well right?  Well they weren't for as we sat around the fire and I enjoyed the lack of a collar around my neck, though I admit it made my neck feel bare, but they where on a rescue of a former member of their party named Melody, a beautiful elven bard who had been captured on a failed adventure at some orc stronghold to the north.  Now they wanted to return to Northreach where they had heard she was sold and find her, I was more than a little upset by the prospect of going back into that dreadful town, but they did save me from Dejah.  Then they came up with one of the most crazy plans imaginable, they wanted ME to play a noble lady.  I laughed at them outright,  but when they said that Sir Eric would play my husband, something about that tugged at me and I found my objections quieted as I contemplated the handsome visage of Sir Eric.  Next thing I knew I was getting a make over, my armor removed, told to bath (Sir Eric offered to help, I had to say no, though I didn't want to) and then to my surprise, Sir Eric had chests full of different cloths.  Now one more worldly than I might have asked why he had lady's cloths as well as his own, but I was awash in silks of bright colors and was quite distracted.  After selecting a incredible white and silver gown, I dressed and got to feel the silk caressing my skin with every move. it was a incredible feeling, I never wanted to take it off. Then had the distinct pleasure of Sir Eric helping me comb my hair out and style it.  Now I had been thinking of cutting it now that I was free of the brothel, but the feel of his hands running through it and his whispered compliments about it's softness.  I immediately forgot any intentions on cutting if I could keep him helping me with it.  After a few breathless minutes of him finishing it and planting soft kisses along the side of my neck,  I was about to suggest more pleasant past times, when the dwarf stomped in and asked if I was ready.   Well Stepping from that tent and seeing all their eyes blink and stare did wonders for my self esteem.  The goblin actually had to wipe some drool from Jareths chin and slap him lightly out of his trance.

            As they discussed plans and mentioned things like reading lessons and etiquette lessons, I decided to talk to one who seemed as bored as I was by then (I didn't realize they where talking about lessons for me).  Jareth and I chatted for a long time while the others plotted and schemed.  It was startling to find out Jareths village was wiped out as well by gnolls, and he had escaped from slavery to become a guardian of the woods.  I eagerly asked him where this was, hoping it might somehow have been near my own village.  Alas it seemed we could only agree that both villages where in a forested mountain area.  I felt a strong attraction to this young half elf, but when ever I glanced at Sir Eric, I felt a longing attraction to him that over powered any others.   I felt confused for never had two people affected me so.  Trying to sort through these disturbing feelings I focused on the mighty wizard Zamir, but his strange speech quickly gave me a headache and I only understood every third word.  Zamir frightened me, yet I was terribly curious about magic, I had seen him dropping fireballs out of the sky and blasting people with glowing spikes of energy.  He was truly impressive on the field, what I had seen anyways.  Soon people where rolling into bedrolls and sliding into tents, I felt out of place and wondered where I could lay out, but fearful of ruining this gown.  Then Sir Eric was before me offering his hand, and motioning towards his tent (well pavilion more than tent).  My heart beat terribly fast then and this overwhelming urge to follow him sunk deep into my heart.  As my hand touched his I knew I was lost, and he pulled me up into a soul searing kiss that lasted minutes.  My mind was foggy then as he led me towards his tent and I went more than eagerly, though still a little confused by this attraction.  That night was unlike any I had ever had before,  to say Sir Eric was accomplished lover was a understatement.  I did notice flaws in his technique  and decided to show him later how to improve them, for right then he was making me deliriously happy.  It had been so long since I went eagerly to anyone's bed.  Not one dark thought entered my mind the entire night, and later as we lay together, his strong arms holding me close and I felt his breath tickle the hairs on the back of my neck, I could only smile and fall into a dreamy contented sleep.  All confusion earlier was gone, and I had found a small slice of Arvandor to call my own.

            Morning awoke and though happily content in Sir Erics arms, I could hear the camp stirring so I arose and awoke Sir Eric softly.  Then washing from his basin (basin?  in a tent, you truly have to wonder) donning the beautiful white gown again, and brushing my hair out with soft strokes, I contemplate braiding it back incase we ran into trouble.  Looking into the small mirror I decided that wearing it loose was more becoming, and besides in this gown it would be very hard to sword fight.   Turning I saw Sir Eric was still lying in bed snoring softly, his blanket thrown back and making my breath catch at his muscled form.  Shaking  my  head slowly I realized he was still a bed and walked over to shake him awake. As I reached down his hand grabbed mine and pulled me onto the bed rolling over so he had me pinned beneath him, then his lips kissed me passionately as his hands roamed over my silk clad body. Letting out a soft moan of pleasure I fought down the pleasurable sensations he brought out of me and protested he needed to rise as his lips plundered the soft skin of my neck. He mentioned about slow starts and continued to kiss my neck as his hands slid my skirt up my legs, I laughed and tried to get him to stop as a loud clanging sound at the tent flat brought both our heads up.  Lucian stomped through and told us to rise and get moving.  I noticed the dwarfs eyes travel over the exposed flesh of my legs and giggled softly into Erics neck.  Sir Eric rose softly only to nibble on the tips of my ears making me squirm in pleasure before tossing the hem of my skirt up over my thighs and walking to his chest of cloths.   I glared more playfully than angry at his back and smoothed the silk down my legs again.

            I did my hair again and proceeded out of the tent, catching amused glances from several of our companions.  I felt very naked without my armor and sword, and wondered what I was to do if attacked.  Walking over to the horse lines I ran my hand gently over Sir Erics charger, who eyed me suspiciously, but then pushed against my hand as I scratched him under the chin.  He was a truly beautiful animal, making the other horses seem plain,  I hadn't realized then that he as a elven steed, for never had one graced my village.  Sir Erics servant came over since he had finished the wagon, and readied the noble charger.  I smiled softly at the beautiful creature one last time before going back to the fire and eating a quick dinner.  I talked softly to Jareth as we waited for Sir Eric, he told me about some of their other escapades since joining together.  I was mildly shocked  at the adventures in the town called Loftewicke, which was less than a weeks travel away.  Hearing of the debauchery that seemed to have seized the town made me a little surprised,  and that Sir Eric somehow seemed to be in the middle of it all again surprised me.  Garret the halfling almost got a scared look as we talked over that town and the happenings, and seemed to check a small vial in one pouch.  I decided I would have to talk to Sir Eric about this later,  I didn't mind sharing, but some of the happenings I was told about where almost bizarre.

            We where prepared to leave and everyone mounted  up their strange animals, I was lifted and placed in from of Eric and I felt a moments flash of annoyance, after all I could mount a horse,  I think.  I did feel a little uneasy on the warhorse and as we started moving I found that sitting up straight hurt my back so I found myself leaning against Erics broad chest for most the journey. It was a slow journey as my lessons continued,  taking over a week.  I slept in Erics arms each night,  I couldn't believe how much I felt for him in so little a time.  We made a good team as he taught me the finer points of high society,  though I must confess to some boredom when I had to remember so many details.  Tension in me got worse as we got closer and closer.  I found Lucian though gruff much to my liking.  We got along as he treated me like a warrior, even though they insisted I wear gowns, though the feel of the silk was becoming a addiction, I wished the skirts wouldn't impede my legs so much.  Soon we crested a small hill and the road led down it to the front gate of North Reach,  the home of my nightmares.   As we road down to the gates Eric kept soft reassuring words whispering into my ear.  He could feel how tense and upset I was, and I was reflecting what possessed me to come back to this awful place for any reason.  As we road down they bypassed the gate and Garret road forth and announced us to the guard, he seemed unimpressed, so Eric road forward and berated the man then proclaimed himself again,  sounding every inch the arrogant nobleman,  I had to wonder if this wasn't far from the truth, but a nibble on on my ear tip distracted me from such musing as the gates opened and Eric resumed his arrogant look. I wished he wouldn't nibble like that, since he knows it distracts me terribly, but perhaps that was his plan as we rode through the gate.

            Inside a guard made a lewd comment about me, I was strangely flattered and outraged.  Also scared that he might have recognized me from mistress's Treesa's brothel.  With only a nod from Eric, Lucian stormed off and took the guard down then dragged him towards the barracks, I was a little surprised.  The rest of the guards laughed at the poor mans predicament, which made me frown, though I managed to hide it quickly.  I suppose insulting a nobleman's wife might be foolish, but his friends should have stood up for him.  I saw Lucian disappear into the barracks, then we passed further down the street.  I saw several appraising eyes go my way and realized that even if I had been a noblewoman for real it wouldn't have protected me in this town.   Luckily the obvious weapons my friends carried and the cocky arrogance they displayed diverted most peoples attention quickly.  We came to the most expensive Inn in the town, and Eric sent Garret in to secure rooms while he helped me down and we strolled in.  I was ushered upstairs quickly, and I didn't mind.  It wasn't as if I hadn't seen the inside of that bar before, I had been there several times for special customers.  I hoped the innkeeper didn't remember me, how many blonde elven women could pass through?  Eric gave everyone their assignments and I found that besides warming Erics bed, my job revolved around learning needlepoint while the others worked,  though they did say I might be recognized if I ran around to much.  Though they came to me for advice often for who to talk to.  During this time Klang and Jareth ran around a lot and shopped like crazy.  I ended up with a whole new wardrobe and jewelry to compliment it.  Some of the gowns where so expensive I told them to return them.  They of course ignore my plea and continued to shop like mad men.  I decided then and there that adventuring might be dangerous but the payoff seamed to be well worth it.

            We tracked down the young bard in question., they arranged to have her brought to the Inn to be examined.  She was incredibly gorgeous even in her simple cloths.  Melody was happy to see her friends and even as we bought her with fake money, the others where packing our bags for travel.  We rushed out of Northreach faster than we had entered, rushing down the road towards Loftewicke a mere week away.  The travel was strange, as we saw this beautiful half elven woman getting closer and closer to Zamirs goblin Klang.  I grew up hearing goblins where evil and should be killed, yet  not only did Klang treat me with respect but he was genuinely funny.  Of course little did I know at that time he was more than he seemed,  for awhile I found myself sympathizing with goblinkind, can you imagine a elf saying that?  During this time I learned more of Eric and his family, and it seems after  a few evenings of pain, Jareth came to Eric over something he thinks he caught,  he must have visited Lady Angelique's brothel.  Those girls never kept themselves clean.  Thinking perhaps their might have been a hint of pride or arrogance there?  Well their might have been,  the girls where I was held took care of themselves.  None wanted to be considered in the same league as it the cheaper Lady Angelique's place.  If I had been allowed to keep the money I made I would have had a nice sum for my labors, but then these adventurers spent more in a afternoon then I sold for!  The journey to  Loftwicke was uneventful and we where not pursued.  I was looking forward to my first chance to explore a city as a free woman.  We even rehearsed a show to make some more money,  seems Eric and the others thought highly of my dancing.

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