Dr Natalea Shaw

Forensic Pathologist (Special Agent)

Glenneth Lochstrom

A strange person who runs a tavern in Zamirs City

Janice Ripley

Special Agent (A.R.M.A.C.C.)

Lorac Moonwhisper

The Son

Holly Kraus Knight

Mortal Hunter/Seeker of the Ark

Jerle Ne'Mordan

The Dark

Tracy Kidwell (aka Kitty)

Bounty Hunter (a Rifts character)

Maxmillian Trevengate

ex-Reno Police Officer (rifts again)

Alana Rose

Psionic (a Rifts Psi-Stalker)

Audery Sayler (aka Spyder)

Computer Hacker

Sondra Blackwell-Scott

Psionic (a Rifts Mind Melter)

Mignon Laudomia 

Vampire Prince

Sofia Downing

Euthanatos Mage (Mage Acension)

Sister Angelica Braum

Healer/Nun (Mage Sorcerers Crusade)

Mignon Laudomia 

A gallery of a Long time played IRC character

Tamara Monaco

Coroner/Vampire Hunter


All of the pics below where built using the Hero Machine software. The pictures span 13 years of RPG's