More 'White City' Paintings, Part 2

1893 Chicago World's Fair and Exposition

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Hawley, Hughson
Hencke, Albert
Hickmott, Lewis Edward
Homer, Winslow
Jack, Richard
Johnson, Willis Fletcher
Jones, Francis Coates
Key, John R.
Lauber, Joseph
Limmer, Oskar Emil
Loeb, Louis & H.D. Nichols
Low, Will Hicok
Marchetti, Ludovico
Marold, Ludek
Maynell, Louis
Metcalf, Willard Leroy
Mielatz, Charles Frederick Williams
Nichols, Harley Dewitt
Palm de Rosa, Anna
Palmer, Walter Launt
Pérard, Victor Semon
Quélin, René Théophile de
Robinson, Theodore
Rogers, W. A.
Sherwood, Rosina Emmet
Sinibaldi, Jean Paul
Smedley, William Thomas
Smith, Francis Hopkinson
Thulstrup, Bror Thure de
Twachtman, John Henry
Unknown artist/illustrator
Vanderhoof, Charles A.
Varian, George Edmund
Villiers, Frederick
Walker, T. Dart
Whittemore, William John
Woodward, J. D.
Woltze, Peter




Hawley, Hughson (1836–1910)


The Opening of the World Columbian Exposition
at Chicago. Scene at the East Front of the
Administration Building on the Morning of the
Opening Day
--by Hughson Hawley.

Hencke, Albert ( 1865 - 1936 )

Interior of La Rabida
--by Al Hencke.

On the Corridor of the
Woman's building
--by Al Hencke.

Hickmott, Lewis Edward ( 1854 - 1929 )

A View of the Fair--by Lewis Edward Hickmott.

Homer, Winslow (1836–1910)

The Fountains at Night, World's Columbian
Exposition, 1893
--by Winslow Homer.

Jack, Richard (1866 - 1952)

Southern Entrance,Electricity Building
--by Richard Jack

Johnson, Willis Fletcher (1857-1931)

Woman's Building--by Willis Johnson.

World's Columbian Exposition--by Willis Johnson.

Machinery Hall--by Willis Johnson.

Administration Building--by Willis Johnson.

Jones, Francis Coates (1857-1932)

The Administration Way, with Wooded Island,
World's Columbian Exposition, 1893

--by Francis C. Jones.

Eastern Veranda of the Women's Building Looking
toward the Illinois Building, World's Columbian
Exposition, 1893
--by Francis C. Jones.


The Grand Court in Winter of '92-'93,
World's Columbian Exposition, 1893

--by Francis C. Jones.


Woman's Building, World's Columbian Exposition,
--by Francis C. Jones.

Key, John R. (1832-1920)

Lagoon and Palace of Fine Arts--by John R. Key.

Administration Building at the World's Columbian
--by John R. Key.

Chicago Exposition--by John R. Key.

Liberal Arts and Electricity and Administration Build
at the World's Columbian Exposition
--by John R. Key.


Peristyle at the World's Columbian Exposition,
Chicago, Illinois, 1893
--by John R. Key.

Court of Honor, Peristyle, and Agricultural Building
at World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago,
Illinois 1893
--by John R. Key.

Lauber, Joseph (1855 - 1948)

Moosebridge--by Joseph Lauber

Limmer, Oskar Emil (1854 - 1931)

Evening of Independence Day
--by Emil Limmer.

German Day in Chicago--Celebration in front of the
German House
--by Emil Limmer.

Japanese Garden --by Emil Limmer.

The Horticulture Palace
--by Emil Limmer.

A Street in Cairo--by Emil Limmer.

Hagenbeck Circus--by Emil Limmer.

World Columbian Exhibition--Windmills
--by Emil Limmer.

World Columbian Exhibition--View of
Liberal Arts Building
--by Emil Limmer.

Loeb, Louis (1866-1909)and Harley Dewitt Nichols (1859-1959). See Nichols, H.D.--for more paintings by Nichols.

Decoration at Southwest Entrance
of Agriculture Building
--by H. D. Nichols and Louis Loeb

Low, Will Hicok (1853-1933)

Central Portion of the MacMonnies Fountain
--Effect of Electric Light
--by Will H. Low

Marchetti, Ludovico (1853-1909)

In the Grand Plaza, World's Columbian
Exposition, 1893
--by Ludovico Marchetti.

Marold, Ludek (1865 - 1898)

Central Pavilion, Horticultural Hall
World's Columbian Exposition
--by L. Marold

Maynell, Louis (b. 1868)

Water Reflection--by Louis Maynell.

Midway Plaissance
--by Louis Maynell.

Metcalf, Willard Leroy (1853-1909)


Sunset Hour on the West Lagoon, World's Columbian
Exposition, 1893
--by Willard L. Metcalf.

Mielatz, Charles Frederick Williams (1864-1919)

Palace of Mechanic Arts
--by C.F. W. Mielatz

Moran,Thomas (1837–1926). See Moran, Thomas for more White City paintings by Moran.


World's Columbian Exposition, 1894--by Thomas Moran.

Nichols, Harley Dewitt (1859-1959).  See Eaton, C. H. and Loeb, L.--for more White City paintings by Nichols, H. D.

Landing at the Woman's Building
--by H. D. Nichols.

Under the Dome of the
Horticulture Building
--by H. D. Nichols


Colonnade by Moonlight
--by H. D. Nichols.

Chicago World's Fair 1893
--by H. D. Nichols.

Columbian Exposition--Venetian Gondolas
on the Lagoon
1892--by H. D. Nichols.

South Canal near Farmer's Bridge
--by H.D. Nichols

Obelisk and Entrance to Stock
--by H. D. Nichols.

Sunset on the Dream City--by H. D. Nichols.

Landing at the Woman's Building--by H. D. Nichols.

[Title unknown]--by H. D. Nichols.

Hooden Palace, Wooden Island--by H. D. Nichols.

East Entrance, Horticultural Building
--by H. D. Nichols.

South Entrance to Manufactures
and Liberal Arts Building
--by H. D. Nichols.

Palm de Rosa, Anna (1859–1924)


At the Fair, Chicago 1893--
by Anna Palm de Rosa.

Palmer, Walter Launt (1854–1932)


Twilight at the World's Columbian
1894--by Walter Launt Palmer.

Pérard, Victor Semon (1870-1957)


Evening Concert at the New Administration
--by Victor Perard.

Quélin, René Théophile de (1854-1932)

German Building--by René de Quélin.

Robinson, Theodore (1852-1896)


World's Columbian Exposition
1893--by Theodore Robinson.

Rogers, William Allen (1854-1931)

Administration Building
--by W. A. Rogers.

View of Grand Basin from South of Columbian Fountain
1893--by W. A. Rogers.

Columbian Exposition--The Drill of the Life-Saving Crew
1892--by W. A. Rogers.

Camp Grounds near World's Fair
--by W. A. Rogers.

The Central Lagoon--by W.A. Rogers (?)

Sherwood, Rosina Emmet (1854–1948)


Columbian Exposition--Javanese Dancing Girls
--by Rosina Emmet Sherwood.

Sinibaldi, Jean Paul (1857-1909)

Interior of the Great Dome
--by Paul Sinibaldi.

Chicago Exposition
--by Paul Sinibaldi.

Smedley, William Thomas (1858-1920)


In the World's Fair grounds--
Electrical Building from the Lake

--by W. T. Smedley.

Smith, Francis Hopkinson (1838-1915)

Administration Building
--by F. Hopkinson Smith.

Court of Honor, Dome of
the Administration Building
--by F. Hopkinson Smith.

Thulstrup, Bror Thure de (1848-1930) and Charles S. Graham (1852–1911). See Graham, C.S.--for more paintings by Graham.


Columbian Exposition--Statue of the
Republic in East End of the Grand Basin
--by B. T. de Thulstrup and Charles S. Graham.

Thulstrup, Bror Thure de (1848-1930) and Thomas Dart Walker (1869-1914). See Walker, T. D.--for more paintings by Walker.

Sunday Opening of the Fair; Crowd
Entering Grounds from Elevated Railway

--by Thure de Thulstrup and T. Dart Walker

Thulstrup, Bror Thure de (1848-1930)

The Dedication of German Building,
from the South Portico

--by Thure de Thulstrup.

Aboard the Battleship
--by Thure de Thulstrup.

--by Thure de Thulstrup.

Visitors in the Fisheries Building
--by Thure de Thulstrup.


The Declaration of Independence Barge at the
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago

1893--by Thure de Thulstrup.


The Universal Brotherhood Barge at the
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago

1893--by Thure de Thulstrup.

Visitors on the Midway at Night at the
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago

1893--by Thure de Thulstrup.


Columbian Exposition--An Evening on the Lagoon
1893--by Thure de Thulstrup.


Columbian Exposition--Esquimaux Village
1892--by Thure de Thulstrup.

Russian Horse Exhibit
--by Thure de Thulstrup.

Street Scene, Cairo Village,
World Columbian Exposition

--by Thure de Thulstrup.

Camel Ride
--by Thure de Thulstrup.

Twachtman, John Henry (1853-1902)


Court of Honor, World's Columbian
Exposition, 1894
--by John Henry Twachtman.


Chicago World's Fair, Illinois Building,
1893--by John Henry Twachtman.


Fountain, World's Columbian Exposition
1893--by John Henry Twachtman.

Unknown artist/illustrator

Going to the Great Exposition--
Twenty Hour Ride from New York to Chicago--
View on the Mohawk River
--artist unknown

General Bird's-Eye-View of the Movable Railway
at the Chicago Fair
--artist unknown.

General View of Part of the Movable Sidewalk
Showing the Three Platforms
--artist unknown.

General View of Grand Court, Looking toward Lake from Administration
Building, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago
--artist unknown

Summer Day at the Exposition--artist unknown.

East Approach to South Canal Bridge--artist unknown

Opening of the World's Fair at Chicago--
Unveiling the Statue of Liberty in the Grand
--artist unknown.

Opening of the World's Fair at Chicago--
The Great Naval Review of the Hudson
(H.M.S. "Blake" Saluting the President
of the U.S.)
--artist unknown.

Opening Day--artist unknown

Interior View of Manufacturers Building
Showing Seating Arrangements for
Dedicatory Ceremonies
--artist unknown.

Exterior View of Obelisk and Palace of Mechanic arts at
the World's Columbian Exposition
--artist unknown

Japanese Temple--artist unknown.

Ferris Wheel at the World's Fair
--by unknown artist.

Statue of Industry, Court of Honor
--artist unknown.

Statue of Agriculture, near the West
Entrance of the Agriculture Building
--unknown artist.

Statue of Polar Bear--East from the
Electrical Building
--artist unknown.

Main Entrance, French
Section, Machines Building
--artist unknown.

MacMonnies Fountain
in Grand Court
--artist unknown.

Buildings, Sweden and India
--artist unknown.

French Pavilion, National
--artist unknown.

World's Columbian Exposition,
French Section
--artist unknown.

Exhibit of Otis Brothers and Co. Elevators, World
Columbian Exposition
--artist unknown.

Woman's Building--artist unknown.

Grand Court--artist unknown.


1893 Fair--Night--unknown artist.

[ Fireworks ]--artist unknown.


Columbia Fountain at Night--World's Fair,
Chicago 1893
--unknown artist.


The Fireworks at the Columbian Exposition--artist unknown.

Agricultural Building--unknown artist

Fisheries Building--unknown artist

East Facade of the Transportation Building,
Southwest from Wooden Island
--unknown artist

Machinery Hall, Central Aisle--artist unknown.

The Viking Ship from Norway
--unknown artist

Hall of Mines
--by unknown artist


Fireworks on the Lake
--unknown artist.


Ship of Columbus, Santa Maria,
at Destination
--artist unknown.

World's Columbian Exposition
Poster--unknown artist.

Wooded Island, Jackson Park,
by Elevated Lines
--artist unknown.

Night Pageant Passing Transportation Building
--artist unknown.

Vanderhoof, Charles A. (1853 - 1918)

Evening in the Court of Honor--by Charles A. Vanderhoof

Varian, George Edmund (1865 - 1923)

Within the Magic City:
The Woman's Building
--by George Varian

1893 World's Fair
--by George Varian.

Illumination of Arts Building,
from the Lagoon

--by George Varian.

Illumination of the Administration
Building, from the Lagoon
--by George Varian.

Villiers, Frederick (1844-1919)

Going to Chicago
--by Frederick Villiers

At the Great Fair--Transportation, Ancient
and Modern
--by Frederick Villiers

Walker, T. Dart (1869-1914)

World's Columbian Exposition
--Natives Serving tea without
charge to all customers
--by T. Dart Walker

Welch,Thaddeus (1844-1919)


Architectural View, World's Columbian Exposition
1893--by Thaddeus Welch.

Whittemore, William John (1860-1955)

Main Entrance of California Building
at the Columbian World’s Fair

1893--by W. J. Whittemore.

Woodward, John Douglas (1846 - 1924)

Great Dome from Wooded Island
--by J.D. Woodward

The view Looking South through the Lagoon of the Columbian Fair,
Showing the faces of the Electricity and Manufacturer's Buildings
and Bridges with the Obelisk in the Distance
--by J.D. Woodward

Woltze, Peter (1860-1925)

The Colonnade, Fisheries Building
--by Peter Woltze

NOTE: Although Harper's Weeklycarried a rather long series of images showing blacks attending the 1893 Columbian World's Fair (called "The Johnson family visits the Fair"), it features such racist and caricatured stereotypes of black people that I could not, in good conscience, include any of those images on my web pages.


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