Here a some links to armies I have been playing with, Feel free to try them out and see how you like the style of play. Normally I go for fast moving small combat groups (Razorbacks w/6-man squads are ideal) with some heavy support to lay down cover (Dev Squads,Predators) and some elites to take the edge (Dreadnoughts and Terminators)


Uni-Con Tourney'99: A local tourney that I took 2nd Place in a Cleanse Mission.

Uni-Con Tourney'00: The list used at this last Con. Check the differences from last year to this.

Uni-Con Tourney'01:  My actual list for the con.  Scored in at 3rd place out of 13 opponents.

Uni-Con Tourney`02: It's that time of year.  Here's the new list for this year

Expermintal List: Decided to try those pesky HtH scouts out.

Night Fight Army: A army I was going to use in a store tourney, but couldn't get there for it.

Chaos Army: A Chaos Night Lords army of Khorne I have mostly done.

Chaos Army v2.0: A Chaos World Eaters army .


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