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U.S. Women Painters:

1893 Chicago World's Fair & Exposition

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U.S. Women Painters

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This Page:
Fanny Tewksbury
Frances H. Throop
Matilda Vanderpoel
Rebecca Van Trump
Caroline D. Wade
Adelaide E. Wadsworth
Ida Waugh
Cecilia E. Wentworth
Annie Davenport Whelpley
Sarah W. Whitman
Adeline Albright Wigand
Adele Fay Williams

Fanny B. (Wallace) Tewksbury (1852 - 1934)

Orchard -- representative work

Yacht Sagamore--representative work

A New England Homestead (image unavailable)
--exhibited in Fine Arts Palace, 1893 Exposition

Fanny Tewkesbury was born in Boston and was known for her watercolor landscapes, marinescapes, and florals.  She was active as an art teacher in Massachusetts but seems to have also lived in Venice, Italy.  No other information is available online.

Frances Eliza Hunt Throop (Ordway) (1860 - 1933)

Spring Carnations--exhibited in
Fine Arts Palace, 1893 Exhibition.

Portrait of a Lady (image unavailable)--
exhibited in Fine Arts Palace, 1893 Exhibition.

Frances H. Throop was a New York artist who studied at the Art Students League and in Paris. She married attorney Samuel H. Ordway in 1894.  No more information is available online.

2 images--click on "image gallery."

Matilda Vanderpoel (1862 - 1950)

Abandoned Mineshaft (1925)--exhibited in
the Illinois Building, 1893 Exposition

Glimpse of Geneva Lake (image unavailable)--
exhibited in the Illinois Building, 1893 Exposition

Matilda Vanderpoel was born in Holland and emigrated at a young age with her family to the U.S.  She studied art at the Chicago Art Institute where her artist brother, John Vanderpoel,  was Director.  She taught at the Institute for a time, but at age 37, discovered Colorado where she began spending her summers and teaching for the next twenty years. Her paintings from these years are panaramic views of western scenery.

Rebecca (Newbold) Van Trump (1839 - 1935)

Miniature [sitter unknown]--
representative work

Miniature (sitter unknown) -- exhibited in
Women's Building,1893 World's Exposition

Rebecca Van Trump was born in Pennsylvania where she first studied art at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Art.  In Paris, she studied at the Académie Julian and with T. Robert-Fleury, Boulanger, and others.  Her specialties were portraits and ivory miniatures.  Evidently she lived and was professionally active in France for several decades, but also had a studio in Philadelphia.

Caroline Dupee Wade (1857 - 1947)

Ethel -- exhibited in Illinois
Building, 1893 Exposition

Portrait of a Lady (image unavailable)--
exhibited in Fine Art Palace, 1893 Exposition

Landscape, A Little Maid, Hollyhocks, Yellow Roses,
 Yellow Hollyhocks, Portland on a Bright Day, Memory Sketch,
Watercolor Head, Across the Bay (images unavailable) --
exhibited in the Illinois Building, 1893 Exposition

Born in Chicago, Caroline D. Wade was trained at the Art Institute of Chicago by Henry F. Spread and Lawrence Earle and at the Academie Colarossi in Paris by Gustave Courtois and Jean-Andre Rixens.  She later became a member of the Art Institute faculty.  No other information is available online.

Adelaide Elizabeth Wadsworth (1844 - 1928)

Ipswich Marshes--representative work

Marine Scene--representative work

Fishing Boats at Anchor, Venice  (images unavailable)--
exhibited at Fine Arts Palace, 1893 Exposition

Sunset Effect, Plum Island (image unavailable)--
exhibited in Women's Building, 1893 Exposition

Adelaide E. Wadsworth studied with Hunt, Duveneck, Twachtman, and Charles Woodbury, and lived in Boston.  No other information is available online.

Ida Waugh (1819 - 1919)

Young Mother--representative work


Playtime (1890)--representative work


Bouquet of Tulips--representative work

Pierre--exhibited in Rotunda,
Women's Building, 1893 Exposition


Hagar and Ishmael 1889 -- exhibited in
the Fine Arts Palace, 1893 Exposition.

Two Babies, and All in Four Seconds
(images unavailable)--exhibited in the Rotunda,
Women's Building, 1893 Exposition

Ida Waugh was born in Philadelphia and trained at home by her painter-father Samuel B. Waugh (her mother may have also been a painter), at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and at the Académie Julian in Paris. Her work has almost disappeared, but was often on religious-allegorical themes or scenes of Dutch life.  Her illustrated children's books were produced with her lifelong companion Amy Blanchard who owned a neighboring summer cottage in Maine.  Waugh's half-brother was the well-known marine painter Frederick Judd Waugh.

4 images
Conversation in a Dutch Landscape c.1910--scroll down the page

Cecile (E. Smith) de Wentworth (1853 - 1933)

Portrait of 'Mademoiselle H. 1913--
representative work.


Seated Lady in White Dress with Hat
and Umbrella
--representative work


Devotion to St. Anthony of Padua--
representative work

Prayer c. 1891--oil exhibited in the
Women's Building, 1893 Exposition.

Born into a prominent New York family, expatriate artist Cecile de Wentworth trained in Paris at the Beaux-art Académie with Alexandre Cabanel and Édouard Detaille. She painted the portraits of many prominent people. Her portrait of Pope Leo XIII hangs in Vatican City; the Pope decorated her with the title of Grand Commander of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher and conferred on her the papal title of Marchesa. She also won the Chevalier de la Legion, one of France's highest honors. After her marriage to Josiah W. Wentworth, she was known by the name Mme C. E. Wentworth.

The White Lily

Annie (Vincent Davenport) Renouf Whelpley (1852 - c. 1928)

Portrait of Mlle. Hausen c. 1892--exhibited
 in Women's Building, 1893 World's Exposition.

Annie Davenport Whelpley was born in Boston and trained  at the National Academy of Design and in Munich.  She was married to Edward A. Renouf and exhibited under the name "A. Renouf Whelpley,.  No other information is available online.

Sarah (de St. Prix) Wyman Whitman (1842 - 1904)

Evelyn (1896)--representative work

Song (1883)--representative work


Niagara (1892)--exhibited in
Fine Arts Palace, 1893 Exposition.

Martin Brimmer 1892 --
[Museum of Fine Arts, Boston]
representative work

Portrait of Oliver Wendell Holmes 1892--
[Moody Medical Library,  University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston]
exhibited in Fine Arts Palace, 1893 Exposition.

 Portrait of Robert Codman
(image unavailable) 1883--may have been
exhibited n Fine Arts Palace, 1893 Exposition

Sarah Wyman Whitman was born in Massachusetts, but raised by wealthy Wyman relatives in Maryland.  She trained in Boston and Paris and became well-known as a painter, illustrator, and designer of stained glass, as well as a collector, philanthropist, and supporter of the arts in the Boston area.  Her Houghton Mifflin cover designs for Sarah Orne Jewett books and others inaugurated in the early 1880s what has been called "the golden age of American artist-designed bindings."  She is the author of Robert Browning in his Relation to the Art of Painting.  Sarah Orne Jewett edited the Letters of Sarah Wyman Whitman in 1907.  She was married to the successful wool merchant Henry Whitman.

Dedication of Jewett's book 1890 Strangers and Wayfarers
Stained Glass Windows 1--scroll down to Whitman's window; Stained Glass Windows 2--scroll down to Whitman's window

Adeline Albright Wigand (1855 - 1944)

Polly (c. 1915)--representative work


Woman Reading a Letter--representative work


Portrait of Mrs. J. Albright [Portrait of My Mother]--
[from the collection of the Staten Island Museum]
exhibited in Fine Arts Palace, 1893 Exposition

Portrait of Otto Wigand--
representative work


Born in New Jersey, Adeline Albright Wigand was raised in Iowa and studied art in New York at Cooper Union and the Arts Students League and in Paris at Académie Julian.  After marrying artist Otto Wigand (who also exhibited at the 1893 Exposition), she maintained a figure painting and portrait studio in New Jersey, moving later to New York.

(Virginia) Adele Fay (Williams) (1859-1937)

Provincetown--representative work

Beehives--exhibited in the Illinois Building, 1893 Exposition

Fire Brick Kilns--representative work

Wall Frieze--displayed in the Reception
Room, Illinois Building, 1893 Exposition

Supper-Time, An Alley-Way, Bee-hives
O'er True Tale (images unavailable)--exhibited
 in the Illinois Building, 1893 Exposition

Adele Fay Williams was born in Joliet, Illinois and educated at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, and the Art Students League in New York where she studied under William M. Chase.  In Paris, she studied at the Académie Colarossi and Lasar Studio, as well as with Camille Pissaro.  Throughout her career she was both staff artist and art critic for a number of American newspapers such as the New York World and the Pittsburgh Spectator.  She is particularly known for her drawings of the  buildings and streets in Joliet, Illinois.  Williams was her married name.

Some of the information on these web pages came from these sources:

Jeanne Madeline Weimann, The Fair Women, Chicago 1981.

F. Graeme Chalmers, Women in the Nineteenth Century Art World, Westport 1988.

Paul V. Galvin, World's Columbian Exposition of 1893, Library Digital History Collection, Illinois Institute of Technology.


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